Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Making Waves: video tutorial on how I curl my hair.

Hi!  So I am proud to present my very first video tutorial!  Yay!  Please be forgiving if it's a little awkward and not as eloquent as you may have expected it to be.  I worked really hard on it (obviously since I'm posting it sometime past midnight on a school night, lol) and I promise I'll get better with practice!

So in my little YouTube video, I'm going to show you how I get from this:

to this:

A few important points (including those that I forgot to mention in the video):

a) After showering, I always apply a heat protectant to my hair.  My favorite is It's A 10.  Without it, my hair would be fried the way I abuse it on a daily basis.

b) I blow-dried my hair with a round brush before curling.

c) My curling iron is the Hot Tools High Heat Spring Grip 1.25" Barrel

Two REALLY big differences I noticed between photo and video is:

1.  it's darn-near impossible to get any kind of decent lighting.

2.  even though I have enough makeup on my face for an army of clowns, it looks like I'm barely wearing any at all on video.

So anyways, here you go!  Please subscribe and help my little baby YouTube channel grow! :D


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