Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jack O' Lanterns!

Oh-Em-Gee!  Sorry I missed my daily post yesterday!  Me and the gang stayed up till 2am last night carving pumpkins.  We didn't have a contest or anything, but we all wanted to do something creative and "outside-of-the-box".

We spread paper tablecloths on table surfaces and on the floor and got to work.  It's one of those things where you start out really excited and gung-ho, and then halfway through you're like, "Why did I DO this?"

At this point, I was getting tired, frustrated, my hands hurt, and I just didn't care anymore, hence the carving knife slammed in my pumpkin Mario's face.

Yuki got a taste of pumpkin and tried sneaking around everyone to steal scraps!  We wouldn't let her have that much because, apparently, pumpkin is a laxative for doggies.  Lol.

Yay!  I was the first to finish, around 10:30-11pm.  That was probably the best part.  Haha.  But no, lighting them up when they were ready was the most fun.  It also disguised all the flaws. :P

Aperture Laboratories Logo
Companion Cube
Bat Totoro
The Flying Dutchman

As you can see, our bunch are big fans of film and video games. :D  Anyone else carve pumpkins for Halloween?  Feel free to share!

Alright!  That's that for Halloween weekend night #1.  Can't wait to head out to The City tonight in costume.  Will post pics tomorrow!  Hope you all have a great one, remember to stay safe!



  1. wow, such cute and unique designs. I really love the aperture one! Yours came out great as well (:

  2. Thanks Lawren! Are you a fan of Portal also? :D

  3. These are wonderful! I'm really impressed. I might be going to a pumpkin carving competition tomorrow. I might consider some games for my design.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Sorry for the late reply! Hope you were able to make some awesome jack-o-lantern's! :D