Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Sneak Peak: Lilah from Jonah Hex

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I just got this year's Halloween costume in and I'm super-duper excited!  I LOVE Halloween.  It's my favorite "holiday" of the year. (it does count as a holiday, doesn't it?)  It's the one day where I can traipse around in any outlandish identity of my choice and not look like I'm insane.  I couldn't wait to try it on, so here's a sneak peak of what's to come:

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My character is Lilah, the sassy saloon wench from the graphic novel series, Jonah Hex.  She's also played by Megan Fox in the motion picture.  Uh, yeah...I'm not going to look THAT good, but I'll do my best!  The costume has an open, v-neck that you can tie, a red rose pin that's removable, black lace fingerless gloves a built-in corset, a mini skirt, and a tiered, sheer, ruffled train.  The quality of materials is to be expected for the price, but the fit is FANTASTIC!  Plus, I got these to-die-for Victorian high-heeled boots with buttons and ruffles on them.  I could just wear them every day!  All I need is some sexy, lacy thigh-highs and I'm good to go.  I'll be sure to post another pic with full hair and makeup so you can see the complete, overall effect.

So what are you guys doing for halloween? :D

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  1. I LOVE it!!! It looks soo good! I think I'm going to be the Black Swan, I need to practice the makeup though!

  2. @Ev: Thank you! ^_^

    @Amanda: You would make a stunning Black Swan! Do share when you get into costume. :D

  3. WOW!!! YOU LOOK GREAT!!! The costume is so sexy and you totally rock it!!!

  4. I can't wait to wear it out for Halloween!