Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mint To Be

Soft, mint green is one of my favorite colors.  There's a vintage quality about it that's so feminine and romantic: mint-green dream.

There are a number of lovely things that come in this gorgeous shade, but one thing I've been obsessing over for months is a tube of Mint To Be lipstick by Lime Crime Cosmetics.  Over the weekend, I finally bit the bullet and checked out my shopping cart.  Today, my pretty purple box came in the mail and I just couldn't wait to unwrap it!

Oh my goodness!  I was ecstatic upon opening up my little green lippy.  Lime Crime packages its lipsticks in the cutest purple tubes with a holographic unicorn on it.  So whimsically adorable!  As thrilled as I was, I was even more excited to try it on:

So here's the skinny.  It seems a little bluer on my lips than in the tube, but is still a very pretty color.  One thing that I noticed is that it went on very opaque, but I had to be careful with how I applied it in order to get the color completely even.  I attribute this to the fact that its a very unique shade, therefore doesn't blend as easily with our natural pink lip tones the way "normal" lip colors do.  The texture is thick and creamy upon application and has a true matte finish.  The scent is a delightful cross between marshmallows and sugar cookie batter, yum!  My husband was both amused and charmed when I walked out of the bathroom upon observing my ethereal new look:

Like the glasses?  Check out my last post.

Bottom line: Mint To Be is a totally fab and unique color and I'm really glad I finally got around to getting a tube for myself!  In my opinion, it IS a difficult color to wear for everyday.  I'm afraid I'm going to have to reserve it for very special occasions only.  For those that have the confidence to rock it to the gas station, grocery store, post office, whatever...good for you! :D  I'm actually looking forward to wearing it to Fanimecon next year, check it out, I found the perfect accessory to wear with it!

Embellished cat ears by Yaya Han.

Aren't they fitting?  Minty cat ears for Cat. :D 



  1. That's a weird color, but you wear it so well! It brings out your beautiful black eyes.

  2. I love those ears! Looks good together. I've been stalking the Lime Crime site for the Halloween sale, but the colors I want didn't go on sale. I need to bite the bullet and get some pretties this weekend:)

  3. @Jennifer: lol,'s not your run-of-the-mill lipstick, that's for sure! I haven't had the courage to wear it outside yet. haha.

    @Jenni: I feel ya! Lime Crime products are so appealing to me in every way, but it's hard for me to buy because they're on the pricey side. My thing is, if I'm going to get something from them, it better be a color that I can't get anywhere else. That's what makes it worth it!

  4. I can safely say I am addicted to lime crime. The centrifuchsia shade is one of my go to colors. They last all day too. You pull off the mint to be color so well and it goes perfectly with the ears.

    Crystal -

  5. Thanks Crystal! I can't wait to try out more Lime Crime lipsticks, I visit their site, like, at least twice a day. Hope they plan on having a sale soon!

  6. Very cute! I love that shade, you wear it so well.

  7. Thanks Bria! I wasn't sure if I could get away with it, though I won't be wearing it to work anytime soon, lol.

  8. My god, you're beautiful! Very nice colored lipstick.

  9. that color is FABULOUS on you! wow, who knew that mint could rock so well as a lippie :D

  10. @diixiie: aw, you flatter me! Thank you. :D It's such a fun color to wear!

    @socialitedreams: Thanks so much! I couldn't stop thinking about it after I first laid eyes on it. I'm so glad it's worked out for me! :)