Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wet N Wild 511B Hot Pink Lipstick

Okies, so I'm just going to keep this short and sweet.  You may have read in my last post that I purchased this vibrant, hot pink lippy at CVS:

Well, I got a chance to try it on the other day.  This is what it looks like, no primer, no liner.  Just pure Wet N Wild 511B on my lips:

My camera was unable to catch the true color of this lipstick.  In reality, it's less red and more blue.

It is what it is, super-hot, bold, vivid pink.  The texture is very smooth and surprisingly moisturizing.  The color applies highly pigmented and evenly with good opacity and a satin finish.  I've only had a chance to try it on and didn't actually test drive it for longevity, so I'm not sure if I'll run into any problems such as fading, bleeding, or feathering, but I'll try and post an update on that soon.  Seriously though, at $0.99 a tube, why not?


  1. Wow, that's a very pretty pink! The color is sooo pigmented!

  2. Isn't it fab? I never even thought about buying WnW lipsticks, but now I feel like I need to get some other colors as well. :D

  3. what a beautiful colour and i love how it looks on you! i cant believe its only $0.99, im so annoyed now that we cant get wet'n'wild in the uk :( xx

  4. Hi Mona! Thanks so much! It's such a shame that you guys don't get WnW cosmetics. I'm a firm believer that high-quality, affordable makeup should be accessible to everyone. I assume most people, myself included, aren't rich and it would be a nice break to get MAC-worthy colors for under $5.