Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hot Plum by Maybelline

Consider this another tribute post to my obsession with bright pink lipsticks! I was so inspired when I came across this image of Rihanna:

In an attempt to steal her lip-look, I purchased a tube of Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids in Hot Plum.

Oops! Got too excited and used it before I photographed it. Hehe.

I had this funny thought before I tried it. Since Rihanna and I have similar coloring, I figured I would look just as glam wearing this fetching shade of fuchsia. I was confused when it looked a little different on me. I thought: "Why the heck doesn't it look as good on me as it does on Rihanna?!" After several minutes, I had an epiphany.

That's because I'm not Rihanna. Duh. XD

Oh, I colored my hair semi-recently. I should post about it. LOL

Not to shabby! Actually, Hot Plum has come to be my new favorite bright lippy shade! It suits my complexion very well and pops without looking clownish, IMO. I think it's because the subtle purple tint offsets my strong, yellow undertones. LOVE IT!

Thanks for reading tonight and have a great weekend! I'm *THIS* close to finishing up my new filming rig so I'll hopefully be able to start making videos again. :D You'll be the first to know!