Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spornette Little Wonder: my new teasing brush!

Hey y'all!  I want to introduce you to my new best buddy: the Little Wonder Teasing Brush, by Spornette. (is it just me, or does the name sound slightly profane? lol)

I LOVE big hair.  By nature, I'm an over-the-top kinda gal to start.  I like my makeup to stand out, so why shouldn't my hair do the same?  All these years I've been using the typical teasing comb that my mother has used:

Mine looks something like this, but even cheaper.

It does the job OK, but I've been wanting something more efficient that would give me optimum volume.  Having, slick, stick-straight Asian hair really doesn't help either.  My hair is happiest when it's limp-looking and is very stubborn about being styled the way I want it to be. :P

So anyway, I picked up the Little Wonder at my local beauty supply store for about $5.  This is me and my hair after walking around town for about six hours on a breezy Saturday morning:

And this is me and my hair post-tease:

I'd say the Little Wonder did a pretty wonderful job, don't you think?  I found that it was easier to get more volume with less effort using my new teasing brush than the old teasing comb.  I guess the triple row of teeth plus boar bristles make the process more efficient.  I'm definitely going to practice more with it to see just how big I can get it, yeah! :D


  1. How do you get your waves? Asian hair is infuriating. Irons work okay on mine but it's just so much effort...

  2. Hi Ella! My hair is really curl-resistant. I use a 1.25" barrel gold curling iron from Hot Tools. I crank it up all the way to 400 degrees. It's curly for about 20 minutes, and then it settles into the waves that you see here on this post. I might do a video tutorial on curling hair and then another one on teasing, what do you think?

  3. Hey new follower here..I need a teasing brush.. you hair looks soo pretty! I wish I could get my hair to looks like

  4. Thanks for following! :D I'll see about getting a hair tutorial up. I'm not a pro at teasing, but I'll do my best!

  5. Mmm, what's a teasing brush for? What does it do? I have no knowledge whatsoever about hair... I just blowdry mine and then brush it. Lol!

  6. @Jennifer: you basically use a teasing brush to tangle your hair up into a big mess so that it gives the illusion of volume. See how my hair is bigger and puffier at the crown? It's all a bunch of tangles hidden under smoothed over hair. lol

  7. Can I have the address of the local beauty store. Thank you so much.