Thursday, October 20, 2011

Earthquakes and Sweets from The City.

Okay, totally random and off-topic, but I experienced two Earthquakes within just hours of each other today.  There was also one on Monday.  I'm a little nervous right now because everyone is saying that a series of mini earthquakes are usually harbingers for "The Big One".  Yikes.  I love living in the San Francisco bay area, but there appears to be some drawbacks as well.

Anywho, back to the original subject I wanted to talk about.  Yesterday, my husband and I had a rare, shared weekday off so we ventured into "The City", a term for the city of San Francisco by those who reside in the area, for some food and just to hang out.  Hubby was on his iPhone about 1/2 the time, though, because even when he's not working, he's working.  Oh well.  We still had a great time.  We got a chance to head into the Hayes Valley district and ventured into Miette, this absolutely darling confectionary and bakery that sells the most gorgeous and delicious sweet treats.  Definitely one of the reasons worth living in the SF bay area.  I thought I'd share photos I took of some of the goodies:

Coffee Tomboy: chocolate cake with coffee buttercream.  I love the simple, delicate rose on top!

My Miette Haul!  You can see the candy corn and lemon puffs. We had some vanilla, candy apple, and strawberry taffy in one bag.  Another bag had macarons in hazelnut, vanilla, and rose-geranium flavor.  Yum!  Oh, and there's a cupcake in the box.

My old-fashioned chocolate cupcake with meringue frosting topped with a candy peanut.  Isn't it to die?!  It tasted as delicious and adorable as it looks!  I wish I had a dozen! :D

Just thought I'd end with something happy after having a stressful day.  I'll be posting my latest haul plus a video tutorial tomorrow.  Goodnight y'all!



  1. Everything looks so good!!! I really want to take a bite out of the cupcakes... :D

  2. If you're ever visit, I'm sure you'll LOVE it! ^_^