Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Golden Glow: Allover ELF Bronzer Tutorial

So autumn came with a bang today!  We went from sunny, 80 degree weather, merely days ago, to overcast, rainy, windy, 60 degree weather.  Needless to say, it did nothing for my hair, lol!  To buoy my spirits, I decided that even if the summer sun is no longer with us, I can at least fake a nice summer glow. :D  In order to achieve this look, I used my ELF Studio Bronzer in Golden.  As you'll see in my tutorial, bronzer doesn't need to be confined to just the cheeks!  It also makes a lovely eyeshadow, which I'll demonstrate today.

Starting with a primed eyelid, I'm going to apply the gold shade over my entire lid to the brow bone:

Next, I'm going to apply the champagne shade to my brow bone to highlight my brow arch:

As you can see, this color is highly shimmery, so if you want to use it to highlight other parts of the face, be sure to use it very sparingly!  Now, using the dark gold color, I'm going to shade the outer corner of my upper eyelid:

Next, we're going to apply eyeliner.  Since this look isn't overly dramatic, I'm going to use navy blue eyeliner instead of hard black, which is a softer shade that would nicely compliment the subtle gold.  I'll just draw a modest wing along my top lash line and line my bottom lash line as well:

Then I'm going to grab my ELF Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette and use the deepest blue shade to set the eyeliner:

To complete my eye makeup, I'm going to curl and apply mascara to my lashes:

Now, onto cheeks!  I'm going to use the dark gold shade and apply it to the hollows of my cheeks:

Then, using the rose gold shade, I'm going to highlight my cheekbones:

All set, now I'm going to apply some ELF Essential Hypershine Gloss in Honey to my lips to finish:

Overall look:

Sorry for the blurry picture, that's the best I was able to get. lol
Whoa, that's a bright scarf!  Hehe, it was the only clean one I had on hand at the time.  Doesn't necessarily compliment my makeup, but oh well.  I love how versatile this bronzer palette is!  It makes for an overall, soft, pretty golden glow, don't you think?  Hope you enjoyed today's tutorial!  If you think about it, it's also very inexpensive to do, talk about a $5 face, yeah?



  1. I love the little quad palette, such lovely colours!!
    Thats a mammoth pallette you have there! So many colours!

  2. Hi Dolly! Yes, the little bronzer quad is so versatile and functional, I use it all the time, it's such a great buy for only $3! As for the 100-color palette, the possibilities are endless, also a steal for just $10. Thanks for visiting! :D

  3. the weather in the bay area is crazy! like what you sais 80 degree weather to pouring down just over night. cute look!

  4. Hey Lacey! Oh, I know! The weather is being totally schizo right now. I think I'm actually coming down with a cold because I got caught in the pouring rain today. Poo! Thanks though! :D