Friday, April 19, 2013

Boots And Things

I have the most thoughtful hubby! Check out what came in the mail for me the other day:

The Bailey Button Triplet by Ugg. I've been wanting these for awhile. They're such a stylish, casual, comfy little boot that I can easily wear with tights, shorts, skirts, etc. I'm so excited! I also received the care kit in order to keep my new little booties in ship-shape! :D

And as if these weren't enough, I was also gifted with this super-sweet vintage Gunne Sax dress, purchased from American Archive:

It's such a flattering and timeless shape! The straps were a touch too long, but nothing that can't be easily fixed by the tailor. Haha, it's so bad, but having this dress makes me want to get some pretty little western-style boots to go with it. I've been browsing Zappos and I'm totally in love with these distressed, slouchy boots by Durango:

Gasp! Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?! Unfortunately, the price tag is a little high for me and I think I'd be seriously pushing it if I asked my mister to buy me these babies when I haven't even worn the last pair (see above) that he gave me. Haha. Instead, I've settled for these:

Not quite the same, but adorable, nonetheless, and will still achieve the same look. These are Sheriff by Rocket Dog and are a steal at a mere $59 USD. :D

Currently scouting some cool locations here in northern Cali for a "prairie girl" shoot location featuring my sweet little dress and, hopefully, western boots. Crossing my fingers!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Current Obsession: Vintage Gunne Sax

Argh! I know, I said I'd be posting more, doh! This quarter really has me by the neck, however. We're only 3 weeks in and I feel like it's finals week already! I have one more term to go before graduation, so my professors are really stepping it up! I hope you guys don't mind intermittent posts in the next couple months that are more image-based with minimal text, haha. I just don't have the brain power to write so much these days, I'm using all my juice for school!

Anyways, the weather is getting nice and warm, though in the bay area, temperatures don't exceed the mid to high 70's even during the height of summer. Personally, I think pretty dresses would be perfect for this season and I'm currently OBSESSED with vintage Gunne Sax dresses right now, especially from the 1970's! Check out what I found on eBay:

I found these beauties on an eBay store called American Archive. Aren't they gorgeous? I just love how feminine, romantic, and shabby-chic they are! I like to imagine beautiful, boho-chic girls wearing them to outdoor music festivals back in the day...*sigh* so romantic! I MUST MUST MUST get my little paws on a few of these, they would make for some gorgeous shoots, wouldn't they?