Friday, February 11, 2011

Product Review: It's A 10

I love curls, waves, and lots of body when it comes to my hair.  Unfortunately, I was born Asian and curls, waves, and body are seldom used in the same sentence as Asian hair.  Unless the sentence happens to be: Asian hair does not have curls, waves, or body.  That, more or less, describes my hair.

Thus, in order to get my hair looking halfway decent every day, I put it through quite a bit of torture, most of which involves an immense amount of heat.  To give my hair any semblance of volume and waviness, I need to blow dry it smooth on high heat, and then take a 400 degree metal curling iron to it and really go to work.  Doing this every 24-hours means lots of curly hair, YAY!  Doing this every 24-hours also means crunchy hair, BOO!

So about 4-5 years ago, my mom's favorite hairdresser introduced her to this stuff:

It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product.  Sure, nearly every beauty product touts itself as a miracle.  But this one actually WORKS!  Best leave-in conditioner I've ever used, EVER.  I've tried soooooooo many, trust me.  I get bored with products easily and am constantly looking for the next best thing, so the fact that I've actually stuck with this stuff for even more than 6 months really means something.  I got one of my coworkers hooked on this conditioner and now she tells me she simply cannot style her hair without it.

It's really easy to use.  Once you step out of the shower, just towel-dry your hair, spritz in a few pumps, comb it through to distribute evenly, and then heat-style as usual.  I instantly noticed after the very first use that my hair was super soft, shiny, and smooth.  Best of all, I had soft, bouncy, shiny curls instead of crunchy ones.  My hair is much healthier and far less damaged than it used to be before I started using It's A 10.  It's as if it forms a force field around each strand of hair to protect it from heat damage.  I kid you not.  Give it a try, this stuff is awesome!  And if it doesn't work for you...well, that sucks.  You probably have pretty jacked-up hair.



  1. I'm ordering a bottle to try from Amazon now!

  2. Love it! You won't regret it. I love Amazon too! I was buying this from a local beauty supply store for $40 a bottle, then found out I could get it at amazon for less than $30. Duh!

  3. This is probably one of your more hilarious posts. Sounds like you're like me - I find it much easier to write honestly and sound more like myself than I might appear on video or in person, which is when I would most likely be super awkward. Yay for great writing! :D Also, definitely gonna give this a shot, my hair doesn't go through heat torture much but it could definitely always use a good conditioning. Thanks, Cat!

  4. Lol, thanks Ella! Maybe my silly sense of humor will kick in on camera once I get used to being in front one. :D I'm really happy you enjoy my writing, at one point in time I had wanted to be a writer. I guess this works too!