Monday, October 10, 2011

Bruised: dark purple and pink smoke tutorial

In the spirit of upcoming Halloween, I decided to try a really deep, dark pink and purple smoke look inspired by my newest makeup idol, Viola H.  You can check out the look here: Smokey Purple and her awesome blog here: Killer Colours.  The woman looks like a freakin' supermodel and she's got these gorgeous grey cat eyes.  I did the best I could with my small almond asian eyes:

She also did the look using expensive eyeshadow.  Let's face it, there IS a big difference in pigmentation, formulation, and performance when it comes to a $15-per-color brand as opposed to $10-per-100-colors brand.  Still, when applied correctly, cheap makeup can make you look just as pretty as expensive makeup.  I've learned to do this because I don't have a choice!  Lol. :D

For this look, I start with a primed eye and I'm going apply Wet N Wild's Idol Eyes Creme Eyeshadow Pencil in Graphite on my upper and lower lids as a base:

Graphite is a really dark grey with a satiny shimmer, nearly black.  Next, I'm going to choose the matte black shadow from my Coastal Scents 88 Matte palette and I'm going to layer it over the creme shadow base:

Then, using the darkest purple from the CS 88 palette, I'm going to soften the edges of the black shadow.

At this point, the purple is very dark and hard to see.  Blended with the black shadow, it nearly looks grey.  Our next step is to smoke the edges with pink.  To do this, I'm going to use the matte, hot pink shade from my CS 88 palette:

You can see the gradient now from black, to purple, to pink.  To give my upper and lower lash lines a little more definition, I'm going to line them with Wet N Wild's H2O Proof black liquid eyeliner:

It's a very subtle difference, but I feel like it does make a difference.  To finish, I'm going to curl lashes, apply mascara, and apply falsies:

Ok, these are probably my LEAST favorite style of falsies.  I'm not sure what brand or style #, but I just found these at the bottom of my makeup case and decided to try them.  They're longest in the center and taper towards the edges...not the most flattering.  Sorry guys!  I need to stock up on false lashes.  My favorites are the ones that flare out longer towards the outer corners.  I'm just out of those. :(

Overall look:

Sorry about the blurry right image!  Half the photos I take blurry and that's the best I got out of the bunch.  Boo!

Cheeks: ELF Studio Blush in Fuchsia Fusion

Lips: ELF Studio Matte Lip Color in Natural and ELF Studio Glitter Gloss in Twinkle Pink.

I don't even know why I bothered to do my hair because it started raining as soon I went outside.  *sigh*  In any case, hope you all enjoyed today's tutorial!  This would be a fun look to do if you decide to be a witch, sorceress, vampire or whatever this Halloween!  Or you could just wear it to school, like I did today.  Hehe.



  1. What kind of brush do you use for the eye makeup? I always have the hardest time trying not to over blend or trying to create a gradient color... :/

  2. I use a flat shadow brush like this one to apply base colors:

    And then I use a domed brush like this one for blending and applying dark colors: This one's good for crease shading as well.

  3. Great look! I love the hot pink color

  4. Thank you! Pink is one of my favorites! :D

  5. This is a very nice look. And your so pretty! Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Hi Kelly! You are too kind! It's always a pleasure. Thanks for continuing to follow my blog, be sure to check out my video tutorials too! :)