Friday, December 30, 2011

Daiso Eyelash Giveaway!

Hey hey!  Thought I'd announce my latest giveaway to celebrate breaking 200 GFC subscribers! :D Sooooooooooo y'all know that Daiso eyelashes are my favorite eyelashes in the world.  They're lightweight, flattering, comfortable...and the price is very nice.  But I also know that they're not widely available, so here's your chance to win some of your own! I'm giving away one box of Daiso Daily Eyelash Style "A":

AND I'm giving away one box of Daiso Flared Glitter Eyelashes Style "F":

That's TWO boxes of eyelashes for a total of FOUR pairs!  There will also be TWO winners eligible for the prize, which increases everyone's odds. :D

So!  Here are the rules:

- Subscribe to my blog and comment below so I know that you're in it to win it!

- For a bonus entry, follow me on Bloglovin' and "like" this giveaway.  Just comment below that you have so I can enter you twice.

The winners will be randomly chosen via Random Number Generator.  There are no restrictions on who can enter.  Girls, guys, dogs, cats...whatever.  I don't discriminate.  International entries are also welcome.  :)

The drawing will take place Friday, January 13, 2012.  Oooooh...Friday the 13th!  Good luck and happy entering!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Greetings from Bear Valley!

Hey all!  Just wanted to check in to let you know what's new. :D

Hubby got the week off, so we decided to head up to a cabin in the mountains with a small group of close friends and family.  He's an avid snowboarder so he's been looking forward to this trip all year.  I, on the other hand, have a terrible fear of cold as well as sub-par balance and coordination...not the best characteristics for snowboarding.  However, after about 4 years, I'm getting better at it, therefore it's becoming more fun.  Plus, the snow is so pretty. :)

Have I mentioned that he's one of the kindest, most patient men I've ever known?  Even though he's really experienced, he'll spend nearly every moment with me on the bunny slopes helping me improve my skills.  I guess that's love!

My sisters and me, all bundled up and ready to take several tumbles down the hill.  Haha!

I was taking a shot of my cousin when I noticed a rainbow.  Pretty!

So, yup, that's what I've been up to!  Thus explaining the reason why I've been a little absent with the fashion and beauty posts.

Oh, I'm also very pleased that I've reached 200 subscribers!  Yay!  I'll be announcing my celebratory giveaway on Friday when I return.  Can't wait! :D

Hope you're all having a nice post-Christmas week so far and have a great night!


Monday, December 26, 2011

Puppy Explosion!

Home video that hubby made on his phone.  Poor Yuki.  Lol.

*disclaimer* No animals were harmed during the making of this film. :D

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone's having a great one!  Yuki is especially happy because she got to have ham for the first time! :D

Friday, December 23, 2011

I Heart Monkeys

This is a video of Squirrel Monkeys experiencing Jell-O for the first time.  It puts me in a great mood.  I like to watch it every once in awhile. :D  I freakin' LOVE monkeys...

Hope you all enjoyed! (hope no one here has monkey-phobia)


Make it Pink, Make it Blue

Hi!  As you can see, it's rather late for me over here... a little past midnight AND I have work early tomorrow.  But I couldn't sleep without at least putting up a little post.  Here's another Disney-inspired look:

Remember Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty?  She had that dress that her fairy godmothers kept switching between pink and blue:

I actually didn't intend for my look to be inspired by Princess Aurora's color-changing dress, but once I was finished, that's immediately what I thought of, check it out:

Lol, because my crease and socket is so shallow, you can only really see the pink when I shut my eyes.  There you go, like magic, pink to blue to pink to blue...

To get this look, I used Junkshow, Deep End, and a little bit of Blackout from my UD 15th Anniversary palette:

Overall look:

Ugh!  My hair is getting sooooooooooo long and my ends are so dead.  You can't see it in the picture, but it's waist-length now.  I'm starting to look like The Grudge:

Maybe I should have asked for a haircut for Christmas.  It's something I'm definitely doing sometime after the new year.  New year, new look.  I'll keep you all posted on what kind of hairstyle I choose. Okie dokie, just keeping it short and sweet.  Time for bed!  Thanks for reading and have a great night! :D


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mermaid Lagoon

One of my favorite films is Disney's Peter Pan.  Well, pretty much every Disney film is one of my favorite films.  Anywho, I always thought the part where Peter and Wendy visited Mermaid Lagoon was super-cool. (except for the part where they started assaulting Wendy)  I LOVE mermaids.  They're so pretty.  So I decided to do an exotic, cool-toned look with mermaids for inspiration with the help of Sugarpill and Lime Crime. :D

I'm going to start by priming my eyelids with Lime Crime Candy Eyed primer:

Next, I'm going to whip out my Sugarpill Sweetheart palette and play with some colors.  Today, I'm using Midori, a ultra-gorg cool, bright green with slight shimmer and Afterparty an intensely bold, turquoise blue.

You know, I never got a chance to talk about how much I adore this palette.  It's like, Barbie-meets-Comic Book!  The colors are incredibly pigmented and vibrant.  You get the impact of loose pigments with the convenience of a pressed shadow.  I can't wait to get the Burning Heart palette once that comes back in stock!

Ok, I'm going to apply Midori to my upper eyelids:

Then I'm going to apply Afterparty to my bottom eyelids:

Next, I'm going to smudge along the edges of color for a soft, blended look:

Using black pencil eyeliner, I'm going to thinly line my bottom lash line:

Then I'm going to layer some matte black shadow over the pencil liner:

I know it looks like it didn't make much of a difference as far as looks, but the shadow helps the liner stay put with minimal smudging and smearing.

With my new favorite eyeliner, LA Splash Glitter Liquid Eyeliner in Onyx, I'm going to draw a winged line along my upper lash line as well as tracing a little along my bottom lash line:

Finally, after curling my eyelashes and applying mascara, I'm going to add some Daiso eyelashes:

OMG!  I blinked during application and got black eyelash glue everywhere!  I must have screamed at this point because I felt like I ruined the entire look.  Waaaaaaaaaah!  However, after several minutes of carefully peeling off the eyelash glue and re-applying eyeshadow and liner, my eyes ended up looking like this:

As long as you don't look too closely, you can hardly see my mistake.  Whew! :D  You can't have exotic eyes without having exotic lips too!  To complete the look, lacquered my lips with Lime Crime Lipstick in Airborne Unicorn:

My Cheeks are Studio Blush in Fuchsia Fusion by ELF.
Wish I were wearing seashells and a fishtail in the Caribbean instead of a sweater in cold weather...sigh.

Hope you all enjoyed the post, it was a fun look to do.  I love playing with new colors! :D


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Daily Dose of LOL: Sh** Girls Say

OMG!  Hubby just showed me these hilarious YouTube videos and I just had to share!  I could actually hear and see myself a few times.  LOL!

I can soooooooooo relate to some of these situations.  Hope you all enjoyed! :D



Ok, I did it.  A few days ago, I caved and started a subscription with MyGlam.

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, MyGlam is sort of a beauty club that recently launched a few weeks ago.  It's free to join, but if you're interested in receiving their monthly goody bag, it's $10 per month or $110 per year for a subscription.  I'm usually very cautious about these kinds of things, but after hemming and hawing over it for a week or so, I couldn't really find any cons to subscribing.  Look at what's included in their December bag:

Five, full-sized "samples" for all of us beauty addicts to enjoy for just $10, shipping included!  The Urban Decay eyeshadow is worth $14 by itself.  How could you lose?  There's also the option to cancel your subscription at any time if you're no longer interested.  I'm so excited to receive mine!  Can't wait to share! :D


Monday, December 19, 2011

Hot Pink with Sugarpill and Lime Crime

Who says monochromatic has to be boring?  I decided to go crazy with hot pink today and did eyes, cheeks, and lips in the brightest pinks that I could find!  While I'm at it, I'll include a step-by-step tutorial on how to get pink eye (not the icky kind):

As usual, I'm going to start with primed eyelids.  Today, I used Lime Crime's Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper.  Then I'm going to apply a little bit of Sugarpill's Dollipop, from my Sweetheart Palette, to my top and bottom eyelids:

Next, with the help of a medium flat eyeshadow brush and my finger (one of my favorite and most-used makeup tools to date), I smudged and smoked the color to soften the edges and to create a gradient.

Then, I'm going to line my upper and lower lash lines with black pencil eyeliner:

Now I'm going to use my finger (you can use a smudge tool if you'd like) to smudge the pencil liner:

Using matte black eyeshadow, I'm going to layer over the smudged pencil liner:

To finish, I'm going to apply mascara and false eyelashes, as well as a little bit of glittery black eyeliner along the outer corner of my bottom lash line:

Now that's pretty darn pink, if you ask me.  To coordinate, I'm going to apply some neon-pink lipstick to match.  I FINALLY got a chance to try my new Lime Crime lippie in Countessa Fluorescent:

How's that for some hot hot heat?  Such a gorgeous shade of fluorescent pink.  It's a little bluer than the eyeshadow, but I think it still works:

Oh, and that's ELF Studio Blush in Pink Passion on my cheeks.  Yeah, that's pretty wild-looking.  Lol, I don't really know what else to say.  I stayed inside today mostly, though I did get a compliment during a brief trip to the grocery store.  Where would you guys suggest I sport this mug?

Happy Monday and have a great night!


p.s. My eyelashes are by Daiso. :D

Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Lovelina designs available!

Don't forget, 10% off your entire order with code: HOLIDAY10.  Sale ends December 31st.


Check it out!  I got some new socks from H&M:

5 pairs for $9.99!  Don't know if you know this, but I LOVE cute socks.  I especially like pairing them with heels and mary janes in skirts and dresses.

The solid ones are fine, but I love the patterned ones in particular.  Pink, brown, and Neopolitan ice cream!

Turquoise and Pink

Today's look is simple, yet colorful.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in Diamond Turquoise Blue #5.  Gorgeous, waterproof color that lasts and lasts.  Worth the $23 price tag?  I don't know, but it sure is pretty!  Comparable alternatives: Sephora  Doe Eyed Eyeliner in Blue ($12) or ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner in Teal Tease. ($3)

ELF Essential Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Perfect Pink layered over ELF Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink.

This look is pretty simple and straightforward so I figured you didn't need a tutorial for applying eyeliner and lipstick. :)  Just enjoying my lazy Sunday afternoon, hope you're all having a good one!


p.s. My blush is ELF Studio Blush in Pink Passion.