Friday, October 7, 2011

Tutorial: I Dream of Greenie

Ever since I purchased Wet N Wild's Spoiled Brat eyeshadow trio and was very impressed by the color and quality, I've been eyeing the other trios as well.  Seeing as how green has always been a flattering shade against my skin tone, I decided on I Dream of Greenie:

This trio comes with a shimmery, pale, mint green, a medium kelly green, and a bright kiwi green.  Each of the shades has been conveniently labeled per suggested use.  To begin, I apply the kiwi green eyelid shade to my primed eyelid:

Immediately, I am blown away by how dense and pigmented this color is!  Next, I enhance my brow bone with the pale mint shimmer:

This is a very shimmery shade, almost a little too shimmery.  Also, the mint is hard to spot, it looks more like silver.  I'm thinking it's not the best idea for brow bone, but perhaps to enhance the inner corners of my eyes next time.

I continue by lightly applying the kelly green shade to my crease:

Nice, but I wish it were a shade or two darker so that I can deepen the outer corner detail, still, it does stand out enough.  My next step is to line my top and bottom lash line with green eyeliner pencil:

Ideally, I had wanted a very deep, almost black-green eyeliner.  Since I don't have one, however, I'm making due with just a medium-tealish color and I'm hoping to set it with the darkest green eyeshadow I have:

I reach for my Coastal Scents 88 Original Matte palette.  The darkest green still doesn't seem dark enough, but it'll do:

Close enough.

To soften the color on the bottom lash line a little, I smudge a little bit of the kiwi green along the edge of eyeliner:

Curl lashes and apply mascara to finish:

To compliment my dramatic green eye makeup, I'm going to give my cheeks a pretty pink flush by applying WnW's Color Icon Blush in Heather Silk:

Now I get a chance to try out my new WnW Megaslicks Lip Gloss in Rose Gold:

It's quite possibly my new favorite lip color!  First, it's an incredibly beautiful shade.  Just as the name describes, it's a gorgeous bronzy-gold with just the right amount of metallic shimmer and a hint of pink.  Trust me, this color would look flattering on anyone!  Second, the scent is absolutely delightful, like vanilla frosting on a cake, yum!  Third, the formula is whisper-light and not sticky at all!  Love love love it!  The only thing I don't love is the sticker seal on it that I had to remove.  It was hard to peel off and  left an icky, sticky residue all over the handle.  I know that there's going to be lint all over it in the next few days, yuck!  Other than that, I have no complaints about this gloss. :D

So natural and elegant-looking!

Almost done!  All I've got left is hair:

Ok, so this look was a little flamboyant for work this morning.  I'm definitely going to find ways of toning it down and making it a little more wearable for any occasion.  I DID get a lot of compliments today, however, they all went along the lines of: "OMG!   Your eye makeup is gorgeous!  I wish I could pull that off."  The point of me doing this blog in the first place was to create easy, wearable looks for women.  It appears I've gone a little off track, lol.

Overall look:

TGIF everyone!



  1. Wow, the colors look great on you! I really don't like the color green so I would probably never try it on... But you might just make me change my mind! Very nice!

    Have a nice weekend! I'm overloaded with studies and it's such a shame because it's a beautiful and warm weekend. Well, hope you have a good one!

  2. Hi Jennifer, yeah, the weather is really nice here today, unlike the last few days. I have a group presentation and midterms this upcoming week so I shouldn't be enjoying myself, however, I am and will probably pay for it later. lol.

  3. Hello there Cat. I saw your picture on Wet n Wild Facebook and loved your picture. I bought the same wetnwild trio I dream of Genie! and Spoiled Brat. just did a look on spoiled brat ! :)
    now following you.. Love your take using these greens tones!

    I invite you to check out my blog hope you visit soon!
    Blessings hun ;)

  4. Thanks Lizbeth! You've got a great blog, I'm definitely following back, not just to return the favor, but because it's really well done! :D

  5. I like this, it made me think of sir isaac lime :3

  6. Yuuuuuuuuum! I really like the kiwi-lime color. I definitely want to do more looks with it. :D