Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wet N Wild mini haul plus eyeshadow tutorial!

Hello!  I earned about $20 in CVS Extra Care Bucks, so I treated myself to a Wet N Wild mini haul, plus Essie's Spaghetti Strap (which I posted a couple days ago).  Here's the look that I created with some of the things I got:

Scroll down for my YouTube tutorial on how to do it!  Oh, but don't forget to check out the WnW products that made it possible:

Doesn't this eyeshadow trio remind you of Neopolitan ice cream?  The colors are absolutely adorable and can easily be used for a natural look as well as a dramatic look.  It's a shimmery palette with passable pigmentation for the price.

This was my absolute favorite buy of the bunch!  WnW's creme eyeliner can rival brands that charge more than triple the price.  The formula is smooth, glides on like a dream, and has excellent opacity and pigmentation.  Sorry, but I don't think I'll be buying MAC's Blacktrack again!  Though one can argue that there's less product, therefore lower price.  Still, I usually only get halfway through my Fluidline before it dries out, so in that sense, this is truly the better buy.

I really wanted to love this waterproof mascara, but I just don't think it worked well with MY particular eyelashes.  Unfortunately, I have stick-straight, wimpy Asian eyelashes which require a lot of work to appear curly with any semblance of length whatsoever.  The formula for Waterproof MegaLength proved to be too heavy and completely straightened out my eyelashes after I had curled them.  I either need to use a lash primer to hold my curl prior to using this or just skip it altogether.  I imagine it would work just fine for all you non-asians out there with long, thick lashes.  Although with lashes like that, I don't even know why you'd need mascara!

Ok, so this is the only thing I didn't use in the tutorial, but I'm really excited to review it in another post.  Who doesn't love hot pink lipstick?

Okie dokie.  So here's the video.  It's a little on the longer side, and looking back, I feel I could have skipped a few steps or did some more efficiently.  I could have probably edited better too, still, I think it gets the lesson across:

Overall look:

Thanks for reading and watching!  Hope y'all found my latest tutorial helpful. :D  Oh and in case you haven't yet: 


  1. I love this look! The pink really gives out that romantic look. :) The gel liner looked great! Maybe I'll try it out. :P I don't have a bent eyeliner brush though... I only have the angled one, do you think it will still work well?

  2. Yeah, I really love the soft pink. The eyeliner is definitely worth getting, I think I'm going to stick to it as my gel liner of choice from now on. As far as eyeliner brushes, I think an angled one will do just as well as a bent one. Even a straight one would work fine. :)

  3. Beautiful makeup =) I keep seein wetNwild products on blogs and how good they are, I need to get me some!

  4. Thanks Jillian! I really like Wet N Wild, you get a lot of bang for your buck. I also can't afford anything else, lol!

  5. ah your makeup is so sweet! makes me think of strawberry milk candy haha. or that meiji yan yan strawberry dip. or strawberry pocky!

    and that hot pink lipstick looks gorgeous. i recently lost mine (it was a super vivid matte hot pink) and i'm so sad! if you recommend this, i think i'll buy it. :D

  6. Thank ni-ni. :D I'll post my review of the hot pink lippy soon!

  7. Such a pretty look - reminds me to use this palette again, it's one of my favourites... I've been completely derailed with smoky fall looks using the 8 pan Comfort Zone palette!