Monday, October 24, 2011

OCC Lip Tars: Katricia and Pageant

I received my OCC Lip Tars a few days ago, but have been so busy with other things that I haven't had the opportunity to post my experience with them until today.  Well, here they are!

Katricia on the left, Pageant on the right.


I applied the lip tars extremely sparingly because of the warning that a little goes a long way.  I never thought I'd enjoy wearing a purple lipstick until I got Katricia.  I put  a very thin veneer on my lips, therefore it's not as true to the tube color as it ought to be.  I like that I can play around with the shade depending on the amount of product I use.  Here, Katricia is a little pinker because it's just a purplish enhancement of my natural lip color.  I imagine it would be bluer if I applied twice as much.

Pageant is a real attention getter.  HOT!  I'm so into bright pinks right now and this color really satiates that appetite.  So let's talk about texture.  The formula is extremely fluid, more liquid-like than your normal gloss.  Upon application, Lip Tar is feels very much like one of those long-wearing lip stains.  Very thin and lightweight.  It dries to a nearly matte, satin, non-sticky finish.  It IS very transferable though, so be careful who you kiss.  Although it feels dry, the color will still come off.  I feel like I would need to use these with a balm or gloss to keep my lips moisturized.  Since I haven't gotten a chance to test these for long wear yet, I'll have to get back with an update.  What I can say is that the colors are true to the tube and are extremely concentrated, pigmented, and vibrant.  I definitely would like to get a few more in order to experiment with  mixing my own colors.  Hopefully they have another sale soon!


  1. oooh i like these, i'll put them on my wishlist!

  2. They're so customizable! I need to get them in more colors! :D

  3. They are just fabulous! i love the color! :)

  4. Yes, I agree. They are most excellent! :D