Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turquoise and Caicos

Ever since I got my first bottle of Essie nail polish, I've been hooked!  I had previously mentioned that I can't stop thinking about Turquoise and Caicos since I had seen it at CVS.  We know what happens when I can't stop thinking about something, lol!

Sooooooooo pretty!  I also adore the name...makes me think of warm, sandy beaches, which is where I want to be now that the temperatures are starting to dip.  Turquoise and Caicos is a lovely shade of blue-green with a hint of grey.  It's a creamy color with a glossy finish and no shimmer.  Opacity is about 90% with two coats.  Like Spaghetti Strap, I find that the slight translucence gives it an otherworldly quality that I covet.

The best part is, I got it from a great online shop from Bonanza (an online marketplace for numerous vendors) that sells it for about half the price at the drugstore.  Yay!  I'll definitely be buying more!

Oh, and from experience, I find that Essie nail polishes last fairly well.  After 7 days, I noticed only very mild chipping and minimal wear. (this is from 3 coats of Spaghetti Strap with no base or top coat)  The only thing that would put them on par with OPI is if they came with a comparable applicator.

Well, I guess that's it!  Happy Thursday and have a great night!



  1. What a great totally looks like a darker version of mint candy apple which is one of my favorites.


  2. Yes! I totally agree, I have Mint Candy Apple also, from Sinful, right?

  3. This color is sooo beautiful (one of my favourites :P ) and looks very nice on your nails.
    You have a great blog!! :D
    Kisses from Spain.

  4. Hi Paula! Thanks so much for the kind words and for reading! :D