Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bargain Beauty: Born Pretty Store

Hi everyone! I wanted to share some awesome, frugal finds that I received from Born Pretty Store, a one-stop online shop for all your beauty needs! They offer a fantastic variety of beauty items at unbeatable prices. They were also kind enough to supply me with an offer code for 10% off your entire order, plus free shipping worldwide! (Code: CATH10)

Here are some of my picks:

Mink lashes are all the rage right now and are definitely not cheap. Be prepared to pay up to $50 a pair. Unless you're shopping at Born Pretty Store. Then they'll run you about $7. These were my favorite model that were available. They're lightweight and natural-looking. Syle number is #14245.

I know there are those with qualms about the ethics regarding mink eyelashes and I completely understand. These long, elegant lashes are a great alternative for the wispy, tapered mink look. They're synthetic, so no minks were involved in the making of these. What's better, they're only $8 for 5 pairs! Style #13523

It's hard to find a good, red lipstick that works well with my golden undertones, but this spicy, tomato-red had just the right amount of warmth to suit my complexion. The formula is smooth, pigmented, and lightweight with a long-lasting, matte finish without being drying. Lasted me a good 7 hours with some moderate fading. The packaging is super-cute and the overall lipstick is pretty good quality for just under $8 a tube. The brand is Hot Shop, color #7.

Born Pretty Store is a fun place to shop...they have so much stuff for such great prices! They're located overseas, so expect a 2 week shipping window. Totally worth it if you're not in a hurry and would like to save some money! And remember, use code CATH10 for 10% off plus free worldwide shipping!

Hope you guys enjoyed today's review! I've got tons of new products in to share, so stay tuned for upcoming posts!


*This post contains commercial samples provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of review.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I'm Alive

Haha, hello everyone. Oops, looks like I've been away for a bit. Long story short, I was busy with school, I graduated, and now I'm currently on the job hunt. This leaves little time for making videos and contributing to my blogs (I'm sure some of you are aware that I'm on www.AsianceMagazine.com, also)

I've been pretty active on Instagram because it's the easiest to maintain...snap a picture and write a short caption. No one has time for essays there. Lol. I do miss writing, however, and I'll try to be back a few times a week. While posting photos on Instagram is a lot of fun, I really miss writing out tips and tricks for makeup as well as comprehensive reviews for new products. Which reminds me to announce that, since building a moderate following on Instagram, I've had the good fortune to acquire some cosmetic sponsors these days who send me fantastic items to review, so I definitely look forward to catching you all up on some of my latest finds! :D

Anyways, here's a glimpse of some of the stuff you guys have been missing, in case you're not following me on Instagram:

As you can see, I've become rather adept at making faces. I look forward to blogging once again. Thanks for continuing to follow and stay posted for future articles on new products and new makeup techniques!