Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Red Velvet and Wannabe Wayfarers

Ok, so we get to do a 2-in-1 today which I'm very excited about, yay!  Mega Last Lipstick in Red Velvet 910D by Wet N Wild from CVS and knockoff Ray-Ban Wayfarers from Sunglass Warehouse.  Check out the hottie geek-chic look I created with these:

Top from YesStyle

I never wear red lipstick.  NEVER.  The reason why I never wear it is because I never thought it would look good on me.  I mean, I've tried before in the past, but I could never find the right red for my skin tone.  Who knew that I would find it in a $2.99 lipstick at my local drugstore?

Wet N Wild's Mega Last Matte Lipstick in Red Velvet 910D is the most gorgeous shade of red-red.  It is bright, brilliant, and bold.  The color is extremely rich and pigmented and has a beautifully velvet matte finish.

Upon application, I was a teensy-bit disappointed with the thick, mildly dry, rubber-ish texture.  But I had to forgive because the color payoff was so worth it.  I didn't need primer, liner, or gloss.  I smoothed it on straight from the tube and did some mild shape-refining with a lip brush.  Voila, instant old-Hollywood glam!

As for the glasses, my sister and I have been so obsessed with the retro, geek-chic look that all the popular girls have been rockin'.  Problem is, the real deal, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, cost upwards of $100.  That's all well and good if you can afford it.  Unfortunately, I can't.  The good news is, we DID find a way to get the look for less.  Sunglass Warehouse sells a passable replica for $12.95 a pair.  We liked it so much we bought 3 pairs and split the cost.  The caveat?  Since they're basically a clear, plano pair of lenses, you either need 20/20 vision or contact lenses to sport the look.  Otherwise, they're a super-cute, inexpensive accessory that will add charm to any ensemble.

Red, blue, and black.  Images processed via Instagram for iPhone.

That's it for now!  I had so much fun with this post, hope you all had fun reading it as well.  Happy Mon...err, I guess it's Tuesday at this hour.  lol :D


p.s. Don't forget, we only have one week left before the drawing for my latest giveaway.


  1. that is a gorgeous red! I love it!!

  2. I agree! I used to shy from red, but now I can't get enough! :)

  3. So, cute. I felt the same way about red but recently I've been testing it out more and more. I've been looking for a cheaper alternative to those glasses as well. Thanks for Sharing!

  4. Hi Bria! You know, I personally feel that my seeking out red lipstick (as opposed to avoiding it) comes with being comfortable in my own skin as I've become a more confident person. Maybe we've always looked good in red, but are finally realizing it now. :D

    These glasses are the BOMB! Hope you have a chance to get yourself a pair. (or two, lol)

  5. Awesome! I got a red from ELF that i'm telling myself i'll try this fall. Outside of my bathroom. Hopefully i don't just keep procrastinating as usual haha. How was the longevity of the Wet n Wild? The ELF looks good but has almost none...then again, you get what you pay for. I'm always conscious of lip marks on glasses...yuck!

  6. Hi Ella! I totally feel ya about wearing a bold lipstick and then wiping it off before I head out the door. lol. Anywho, I only got a chance to wear it for about an hour so I can't quite comment on longevity. I had class and haven't built up the courage to wear it during the daytime yet. :/ I'll try it out for a full day sometime soon and will update you on that. But yeah, one thing I did notice is that it did leave a thick, red "kiss" on my coffee cup.

  7. You look great in red lipstick!

  8. Thank you! I never though red would look good on me and I'm glad I gave it a second chance! :)

  9. Do you remember the style # for the glasses? Love the look by the way!

  10. Hi Salina! The ones I got are #2905. They are THE BOMB! Free shipping for orders over $25 too, so you can get yourself 2 pairs. :D