Friday, October 14, 2011

Yuki thinks my Dior Ethnic is a pillow.

Hi guys!  So I made another video tutorial today that finally got uploaded to YouTube.  Unfortunately, I've been informed that due to high traffic, it may be several hours until it's even visible.  So, as a substitute for today's intended post, I thought I'd share a photo of my little maltese, Yuki, who apparently thinks my Dior handbag makes a very comfortable pillow:

You may have seen it in a previous style post: Early Autumn Walk.  Anyways, as freakin' adorable as she is, I had to inform her that she could not use my bag as a pillow and that she would have to find someplace else to lounge.  Hope you all enjoyed meeting her!  Have a great night. :D



  1. Oh my!!! She's adorable!!! I've been LONGING to have a dog since forever! Unfortunately, I'm a poor poor student who can barely pay for anything really...

  2. I love my Yuki! She's super fun to cuddle. :D Don't worry, when you're all done with school and have an awesome career, you can have all the puppies you want!