Monday, October 31, 2011

Viola H. aka Killer Colours

OMG!  So remember a few weeks ago when I did a post about one of my fav makeup bloggers and did a look inspired by one of her looks?  (click here to check it out)  Well, without even knowing it, she returned the favor by featuring Style By Cat on her Facebook and blog.  She's, like, my top makeup inspiration idol!  It is such an amazing feeling when someone you admire thinks that you're doing a good job.  Waaaaaaaaaaaah!  I feel so grateful.

Viola is undeniably beautiful, both inside and out, and is uber-talented.  This girl can seriously rock ANY look.

Check out more AMAZING looks by Viola at Killer Colours

I'm just so floored by how thoughtful and nice she is.  In an environment where most popular bloggers are all about self-promotion, I can't believe she took the time to mention a humble little blog like mine.  She did more for Style By Cat than I thinks she knows.  Overnight, my Facebook and Bloglovin subscribers more than tripled.  Style By Cat nearly doubled in the number of followers, pushing us to over 100 subscribers now.  You know what that means!  GIVEAWAY #2.  I'll post the details tomorrow after announcing the winner for the current giveaway. <----- if you haven't entered the giveaway yet, today's the last day!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know 100 isn't that big a number compared to bloggers with 10K+ subscribers, but to me, it's a really big achievement and makes me happy.

Thanks to everyone that's given this little blog a chance.  I know we're not big, fancy, and glittery over here in my tiny corner of the blogosphere, but it means a lot to me. *sniff*

Cat :D


  1. Well she was right to feature you, you have a nice playful style :)

  2. Congratulations Cat! You deserve it! I totally understand the feeling though, I feel the SAME when you reply to my comments! I even tell my boyfriend about it... LOL! I'm like: "Omg! I can't believe she took the time to reply!!! I feel so special now!!!"

    And Viola really looks BEAUTIFUL! I love how's she wearing that classy 50's look. I'm way too tanned and would never be able to achieve that look. :/

    Btw, I love looking at your Halloween picture! You look so hot in your costume! xoxo.

  3. Well, I'm really glad she featured you, otherwise I probably wouldn't have found your lovely blog! :)

  4. @Pearl: Thank you! I tend to not take style and makeup too seriously. It's more fun that way, don't you agree? :D

  5. @Jennifer: hey girlie, thanks for the congrats! I'm so humbled that you have such a high opinion of me. Honestly, I consider you all my friends. (I've actually missed your comments these past couple days, where have you been? lol) I mean, that's what friendship is, right? We're all here because we have a lot in common and enjoy the same interests. I'm no fashion or beauty guru, I'm just learning and discovering things like everyone else. My blog is like a conversation I'm having with my friends. I enjoy your input and opinions. I like to know what you think of this, this, and that. Please feel free to tell me when something works and when something doesn't! I'm sure none of you would let me leave the house looking like a fool, right? :D

    Anyways, yes, Viola is pure awesomeness! She's, like, a freakin' supermodel. She actually looks similar to one of the winners from America's Next Top Model, Yoanna House, except she's even prettier!

    I'm glad you like my Halloween costume! I love it too! I've gotten to wear it two days in a row already, haha!

  6. @Pernilla: Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm very grateful to her and am so glad you were able to find me because of that! :D

  7. I actually came here through her blog, and I agree that she's quite amazing!

    I hate to say, I've been reading back on your blog too and I love that you seem like such a genuine and goodhearted person. Blogs are usually indeed about self-promotion and I often get the feeling a lot of bloggers are a little arrogant because of all the attention they're getting, but not you. You seem like a really nice girl :)

  8. @lune: Hello and welcome to my blog! I'm so happy you found your way here! :D Your words are very heartwarming and I'm constantly thankful for the kindness and support that my readers show me. My favorite book in the world is Le Petit Prince by Antoine Saint Exupery, have you read it? There are wise words that I always turn to if I ever feel like I'm overwhelmed by materialism and need a reminder to come back to the right path. :)

  9. Hey Cat!

    First of all.. you have such a beautiful blog! I will definetly read this from now on :) I found you through Killer Colours and I have to agree with you, Viola is amazing.

    And I know what you mean, when you're thrilled about those 100 readers. I have (only) 32 readers - I know it sounds sad but I'm so overwhelmed by it! :P I think it's amazing!

  10. I love her too! But you are so adorable and your blog is great I am glad you have more people looking at it now.

  11. @Martina: Hi! Thanks for the compliments, I'm so happy that you're interested in continuing to read. :D I remember when I first started my blog, I had, like, less than 10 people and most of them were friends and family who felt obligated. Lol.

    @JessBee: Thanks for taking the time to visit and to read my posts! :) I'm really thrilled that there are more people that have discovered it as well!

  12. Congrats Cat!

    I know that feeling too and it IS a very nice thing and you deserve it =)
    Your blog is really good =)


  13. @Livia:That's so sweet of you to say! Thanks for visiting my blog! :D

  14. Look at that girl, she is so beautiful! Congrats as well, I literally just found your blog through Bloglovin' and I'm going to read through it RIGHT NOW. Yay yay new blogs :)

  15. Oops I didn't mean "congrats" as in "congrats that I found your blog". That would have been incredibly arrogrant of me, hahaha. I meant "congrats on getting more followers etc". Your blog is wonderful :)

  16. @Kirsten: yay, I'm so glad you found my blog! i can already tell that you're a super-sweet and conscientious person by the nature of your second post. haha. welcome to stylebycat and thanks for reading! :D

  17. I found your blog from her site and i already like it and your colorfull make-up's :)
    If you like colors in make-up you can come and see mine...i'm a freak with colors on eyes :) hehe

    greetings and im going to read more your stuff:)

  18. @Candy Killer: Glad you found me! :D Can't wait to check out your blog, I love colors!!!