Sunday, November 6, 2011

WnW: 547B Breeze and 521A Fuchsia with Blue Pearl

Just thought I'd review a few more sale Wet N Wild Silk Finish lipsticks that I got from CVS.  The good news is that they were only $0.69.  The bad news is that there were only, like 5 colors available (my neighborhood CVS is soooooooo understocked) so I pretty much got all the good ones and there are no more left to buy.  This is too bad because there seems to be a range of beautiful colors available according to the Wet N Wild website.  Oh well.

547B Breeze is a sheer, frosty, caramel-nude shade.

I initially had reservations about this color because I thought it would look really washed out with my complexion.  However, I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely it enhanced my natural lip color.  I'd say that Breeze is a very polite color that would be great for casual daytime, ie. work, school, etc.

521A Fuchsia with Blue Pearl fits its namesake exactly, vibrant fuchsia with a frosty, blue pearl cast.

I love how shockingly bright this color is and the blue pearl frost definitely adds another dimension to it, making my lips appear fuller.

My only concern is that it looks much too similar to the previous two Silk Finish lipsticks I purchased: 511B Nouveau Pink and 505A Light Berry Frost.  Oh well, they were so cheap so I guess it's okay, lol. :D

521A Fuchsia, 511B Nouveau Pink, 505A Light Berry Frost

I'm such a lipstick junkie and, lately, my collection has just been growing!  Looks like I'm going to have to buy more storage soon!



  1. your eye makeup totally pops here, I like it! and i'm surprised how you can keep track of everything you have :p

  2. Hey Linder-bear! :D That makes you and me both. lol. Tut for the eye makeup coming up in a few days. :)

  3. don't worry, they're not even close :D Nouveau pink is a beautiful creme, Light berry frost has white pearl frost and the new one has blue frost! see, totally different! :D ;)
    I love to see you in bright lipstick, you wear it so well... I can only pull off creme lipstick with no frost or shimmer =/

  4. I love both of the colors! I think I would want to purchase 547B Breeze... Are these lipsticks drying though? I have extremely dry lips (especially since it's almost winter...) and I've never been able to wear lipstick...

  5. @Nanethiel: thanks for the reassurance, I feel much better now! :D haha, I still feel shy about going out in bright lipstick sometimes. I'll be about to leave the house, and then I'll wipe it off and put on some lip balm instead. :P

  6. @Jennifer: WnW Silk Finish lipsticks are made to be more moisturizing, however, if you're worried about excessive dryness due to cold weather, I would suggest wearing a balm underneath or a moisturizing gloss over. Or both! :)

  7. You just have to try and forget that you're wearing such a bright color when you wear your bright lipstick outside, it looks great :) after a few times people won't even notice it anymore because it becomes a part of your daily look.

  8. @Pearl Squirrel: Yeah, I know! I totally wore Nouveau Pink out today and I feel ok about it. :)