Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Messy Triple Bun Tutorial

I was so excited about yesterday night's impromptu updo that I decided to make a video tutorial for it today!

A few things I wanted to note:

Since I have very straight, flat, Asian hair that's a slightly challenging to style, there was some preparation required in order to create this 'do. I needed to curl my hair for body and volume as well as tease the crown for added height and texture.  If you have fairly manageable hair, you can go ahead and skip these steps. (lucky you!)

Here you go:

I really love this style!  It's my favorite new updo because it's so cute and easy.  Lately, the air has been so dry and full of static because of the change in weather, so this is a really attractive way to keep it under control.  This could also be very pretty, adorned with flowers or feathers, for an elegant affair or even a wedding for the low-key, DIY bride!

For those that are interested, I hope you get a chance to try this.  I'm really terrible with hair, so if I can do it, anyone can do it! :)



After wearing my hair this way for 10 hours, I get the added bonus of shiny, bouncy waves and tons of volume:

Demure by day, disco by night!

How cool is that?  I can wear my hair up while at work or school, and then take it down and be ready for an evening out on the town! :)

p.s. I used Spornette's Big Wonder teasing brush in order to achieve this look.  You can win one my entering my latest giveaway!


  1. Oh, I miss my long hair so much right now... :(((

    You look gorgeous, with the make-up and the beautiful wavy hair :x

  2. Thanks Corina! I remember when I cut my hair really short a few years ago, I really liked it, but missed having the versatility of length. It's a good thing hair grows out, right? :)

  3. Loved it!!!

    Really easy to be done and very fancy!!!


  4. I'm glad you liked it Livia! :D I wore this style out twice in a row!

  5. Oh, I´ll do this kind of bun(s) later!