Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Airborne Unicorn

I know that some of you were looking forward to seeing a full-face photo of Airborne Unicorn.  I think I was finally able to get my camera to behave so that it would capture the color relatively accurately.  I really wanted to do a proper shoot with a nicer camera, but I'm hopping a flight to Washington DC tomorrow to visit family for the holidays, so I won't have a chance to do that until after I return.  In the meantime, I hope these will do:

Just playing around with my wannabe Wayfarers and different hairstyles. :D

With a cross-process filter.

With a lomographic filter.
I was super-bored during a long break in class, so I started messing with some filter apps. Hehe.  Welps, happy Tuesday y'all and have a great night!


p.s. Oh yeah, I forgot to talk about the lipstick, lol.  The color is a bright, pink-purple bordering on neon. I noticed that after it had worn off a little from eating, drinking, talking, etc, it left a really beautiful stain that I put clear gloss over, making for a pretty smile all day long! :D


  1. Wow, that really looks good with your skin tone! Your pictures always look great too:)

  2. gorgeous! it's like you can wear any color haha. you definitely made a good choice with this one :P

  3. Thanks Lawren! I actually like it even better now that I've tried it. It's more wearable than I had expected. :)

  4. You freaking ROCK that lipstick, it looks amazing!!!!

  5. Thanks Amanda! I'm totally lovin' it! :D

  6. Wow it looks great!!! Have you gotten any comments from the people you've met *outside*? It looks so natural on you! As if it was just another regular wearable color! You rock it!

  7. Well, I think my loved ones are so used to me wearing unusual colors that they don't even see it anymore. And, to tell you the truth, the San Francisco bay area is so jaded that I walked around the grocery store like this and no one bat an eye. Oh well, haha!