Monday, November 28, 2011

Lime Crime Cyber Monday Sale Extended!

Lime Crime Makeup had a 25% off Cyber Monday sale.  You know what that means?  Styletto and Countessa Fluorescent for me.  So, here's the bad news: the site got so many hits from the sale that they crashed.  Here's the good news: they are working on getting the site back up and running.  Due to the delay because of the crash, they will be extending the sale through tomorrow!  Yay!  Per instructions via Facebook, don't checkout your shopping cart until they make the announcement that you can do so...or else...I dunno, something bad will happen?  They didn't really say.  Anyways, can't wait to shop for more lippies!  Now's your chance to get your Lime Crime fix as well, they don't have sales that often. :D

*update* from what I've heard, it seems the site is up again.  Happy shopping!


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