Saturday, November 5, 2011

Red-dy or not!

Pardon the pun, but I couldn't resist.  Lol.  Just wanted to share some photos of a recent shoot my friend Noel (you may remember his work from Early Autumn Walk) did with me a few nights ago.  We thought it would be neat to do a nighttime shoot for a change.  So I threw on my favorite red coat, red lipstick, and stripy scarf and hit the downtown streets.  It's interesting how things seem so much different at night than in the day.  I think the darkness, dim lights, and empty streets lend a certain sense of quiet magic and mystery, don't you agree?

Scarf :: Aeropostale
Trench :: Delia's


  1. Very nice pictures, I like the trench and those glasses :P

  2. Nice pictures! I love your look. Your lips are to die for! I wish I had fuller lips like yours!

    And right now, in Canada, I would freeze to death if I only wore that jacket and that scarf. xD The last couple of night, the temperature went down to 0 degrees Celsius. :( Just walking outside freezes my face, so no night stroll for us here. :(

  3. ah, you are EXTREMELY beautiful!

  4. @Martina: thank you! I love my trench, can you believe I've had it since early 2008?

  5. @Jennifer: when I was younger, I used to be really self-conscious about my lips. I actually used to try to make them appear smaller with makeup. I've really come to appreciate them more these days. :)

    Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, 0 degrees? You poor thing! I used to live in Maine where the temp would duck to about 50 below sometimes. Glad I'm not there anymore. It's in the low 60's right now and I still can't stand it!

  6. @nikolett: aw, thanks! i don't know if I deserve such a nice compliment! :D