Monday, November 21, 2011

Lime Crime: Airborne Unicorn and My Beautiful Rocket

Yeah, totally loooooooong overdue post, but I didn't even get to open the box until today.  THAT's how busy I've been.  You know it's been beckoning to me.

Lol, I always have to photograph the packaging because it's so pretty that it'd be a waste not to.  I have a hard time throwing it away...hehe.

Ok, first up Airborne Unicorn, described as: "Medium violet-purple with a neon note."

Such a pretty shade of purple!  I've never had anything like this before, so I was so excited when I got a chance to try it. :D  First off, let me say that the color is really hard to capture on camera.  The hue is actually more opaque and a touch pinker in person.  Sure, the photos don't look bad, but trust me, this color is 10x more gorgeous in real life.  I guess Airborne Unicorn is so vibrant, my camera can't handle it, lol.  On another note, I've never felt comfortable wearing purples, but for the first time, I feel like I've found a purple lipstick that compliments my heavy yellow undertones as opposed to clashing with them. Yay!  I'm so anxious to create some cool looks with it in the near future!

Next up, My Beautiful Rocket which is described as: "True, luminous orange without red undertones."

Yep, that's orange.  Well, actually more of a tangerine.  Whatever, I LOVE it!  (like Airborne Unicorn, my camera had a hard time capturing My Beautiful Rocket, it's a bit redder in the images than in person)  I seldom see orange worn as a lipstick...or as makeup in general.  People go nuts over nudes, peaches, pinks, purples, reds...etc.  In my opinion, orange seems to be a forgotten color.  I just love how nicely it compliments my southeast asian complexion.  It's so vibrant and intense!  I feel totally fab in it.  I'm actually going to a girlfriend's birthday dinner tonight and at first I had reservations about wearing MBR out because it's soooooooo outside of the norm, but my husband assured me that I look great in it, so why not?  If anyone doesn't like it, they don't have to look at me, right?

My final thoughts?  Both lipsticks are smooth, creamy, and quite opaque with satiny finishes.  The colors are amazing and they smell like vanilla sugar cookie batter, IMO.  Yum!  I'd like to note that, while Lime Crime lippies aren't cheap, I feel like I'm totally getting my money's worth because the shades are so outstanding and unique.  Head-turners for sure!  If attention isn't your cup o' tea, these are definitely not for you!  I'm so addicted to these lipsticks, I can't wait to add more to my collection and am currently considering what other colors to get! :D  Check 'em out:

Creative colors put me in such a good mood!  Happy Monday and hope you all have a great one!



  1. Love Limecrime!
    But i'm not sure if I would wear this purple lipstick!
    I think my skin is too olive for that hahaah

    want to buy the coquette colour!


  2. I have to say that orange lipstick totally scares me, but you wear this color so well.

  3. @Livia: haha, I feel the same way about certain colors regarding my skin tone. I've heard a lot of good things about Coquette!

    @Bria: Thanks Bria! I felt a little uncomfortable venturing outside with it on, but no one freaked out, so I guess that's a good thing, lol!

  4. They both look awesome on you! Glad you went with the more vibrant shades:)

  5. Amazing colors and the package looks beautiful! :)

    xx Alexa

  6. Oh wow, i'm amazed how wearable My Beautiful Rocket is! It matches your skin color soo well, totally agree with your husband :)

    Curious about what kind of look you will make with Airborne Unicorn! I like your colorful looks so much!

  7. Amazing! I love this lipstics and I'm sure that I will buy some. :D I wish to see your full face photo with this purple LimeCrime. :)

  8. @Jenni: Thanks! Me too! :D

    @alexaa: Aren't they? I just realized that Airborne Unicorn is very similar to the color of the lipstick tubes!

    @Ivonne: Thanks Ivonne! Yeah, I'm totally thinking about how I should wear it right now... :)

  9. @Vila: Thanks! Yeah, I totally love these lipsticks. I can't wait to make a look with Airborne Unicorn! :D

  10. Those lipsticks are awesome and I loooove the packaging, it's winning me over even more now!!! Ahh you've convinced me I *need* to try some Lime Crime!

  11. @Amanda: lol, I just got these and I'm already considering which colors to wear next! :D

  12. Oh! I want to see a whole makeup look with the purple lip stick! Would you ever wear this color out? :o

  13. @Jennifer: I would and I did! I wore it out today...tried taking pictures, but my darn camera can't capture the color, it's so weird! I'm going to have to wear it again and have hubby bring out the "big" camera to get some good, true-color photos!

  14. I honestly can't believe how beautiful you look in MBF!!! Your lips look so gorgeous and smooth and I love how you paired it with the royal blues :D It honestly looks great and not too much. I'll be looking for FOTD'S with you wearing the other one! :D!

  15. @TigerLily: Aw, thanks, that's so sweet! :D Love your blog by the way, you've got some killer looks!