Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last Saturday

Remember when I did this makeup look for a bday party I went to last Saturday?  I meant to, but totally forgot to post a couple pics so that you could see what I did with my hair.  Anyways, here ya go!

Hubby and me. :)
Back of my hair.

We had an amazing dinner at Roy's in San Francisco and then headed over to Candy Bar for drinks and dessert.  It was a really fun and yummy evening!  I would post pics of the beautiful bday girl, Crystal, but she's a little shy and I haven't asked permission to use her images yet.  BUT, what I can do, is post pics of some food I ate.  You guys probably don't know this, but I'm almost more passionate about food than I am about fashion and makeup!

Pinot Noir
Jumbo prawns stuffed with dungeness crab
Brown butter seared salmon
Filet mignon and Maine lobster tail
Molten chocolate souffle

Waaaaaaaah!  Now I'm hungry.  Well, anyway, goodnight.  For real.  Lol, you can probably see how I'm trying to cram as many posts in as I can before I leave because I'm not sure if I'll have the time to while I'm away on holiday.  I don't know if I mentioned it, but we're having Thanksgiving with relatives AND celebrating a wedding. (my cousin's getting married)  Oh, and I'm also doing bridal hair and makeup.  *gleep*  I hope I don't disappoint!  I mean, I'm okay with makeup, but don't have much experience with hair.  I've been practicing on my guinea pigs (sisters) , however, and I think things are going to be ok.  Wish me luck!



  1. What an honor that you can do the brides hair and make-up, but you seem pretty good at it :)

  2. Oh! The food looks so good! But the filet mignon looks different... Usually, my filet mignon looks like your picture of the Molten chocolate souffle. Lol!

  3. @Pearl: The bride texted me last week and asked me to help with her and her sister's hair and makeup. I was like, "sure!". Though I'm somewhat confident, it feels like a big responsibility to do bridal hair and makeup. I'm just worried about disappointing, so I hope she doesn't ask for anything too complicated, lol. Thanks for the confidence boost!

    @Jennifer: Yes, I agree! But it still tasted just as good, despite appearances, lol! :D