Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick Swatches

Hey all!  So I finally got a chance to try out some of the samples from Evil Shades!  I didn't have time to try out all my samples today, but thought it would be a good idea to begin with some lip swatches.  Let's start with the neutrals and end with the extremes.  The first Deviant Lipstick that I tried was Devious Virtue:

The lipstick samples were generous, enough for at least 3-4 applications and came in convenient little plastic clamshell containers.  Devious Virtue is described as: nude with violet pink undertones and subtle gold shimmer.  I applied it straight up with a lip brush, no concealer, no liner. (as I did with every other swatch)  This is what it looks like on:

Very pretty!  My favorite of the neutrals.  I'm such a sucker for girly, pinky-nude hues.  The texture is very smooth and moisturizing  and goes on semi-opaque.  It smells lovely, like banana-flavored Laffy Taffy, which is my favorite one, btw. :D

Next up, Silk Stockings, described as: neutral peachy base with multi colored sparkles and a soft blue shift.

Silk Stockings goes on very shimmery and sheer.  You can definitely see the hint of blue iridescence.  I would consider this more of an accent color.  I noticed that it made for a fuller-looking, pouty lip when applied at the center of the bottom lip and the bow of the upper lip.  I'm looking forward to experimenting with layering Silk Stockings over other lip liners and lipsticks.

Then there's Mage: magical cool tone green on the edge of metallic.

Mage actually looks more opaque in real life than in the photo, must be the lighting or something.  It's my favorite of the extreme colors I tried.  I showed my husband and he thought it looked pretty darn awesome in a fantasy/sci-fi kinda way.  Very befitting of it's namesake, don't you agree?  This would probably look amazing over liner...I'd probably have to use eyeliner, lol.

Last but not least, Cyanide: soft, yet bold cadet blue.

Like Mage, Cyanide looks more opaque in real life. (probably the lighting)  Still, it's not a 100% opaque color and would probably look best over liner.  It's a really pretty shade of blue in a silky finish with no sparkle or shimmer.

All in all, I'd give these lipsticks a thumbs up.  They smell good, feel good, and come in a wide variety of uncommon colors.  I'd say I'm very much looking forward to trying out some more! :D  Hope you all found this post helpful, shadows and blushes are up next!



  1. Wow, the colors on your lips look nothing like in the little containers! When I saw the sample, my reaction was bleh... But on your lips, they looks awesome! Devious Virtue is such a beautiful neutral-pink color! I love it!

    Mage and Cyanide look awesome!!!

    I didn't think it was possible to get lipstick sample, this possibility is pretty cool!

  2. I was a bit surprised. I think the colors in the first two sample containers look like tamarind paste, but on your lips they are beeyootiful! I really think your lips are the best for've kinda sold me on blue haha. I dunno how it'll look on me, but one day I think I'll get one! I just really need a job first ^^;

  3. @Jennifer: when my husband saw the picture of the sample, he was like: "what is that?!". haha, it kinda looks like poo. lol. but yes, they really look lovely on and even better in person!

    @ni: thanks! blue lipstick is so much fun! we should go to a rave or concert wearing blue lipstick together, it'll be great! :D

  4. wow!!! totally different shades!
    I am veeery curious to try out this brand! Heard of it not long ago and it's not expensive at all =)

  5. Hi Livia! Definitely give them a try! I think I'd like to order the glosses next, to compliment the lipstick. I really think combining them will really make my lips pop! :D