Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cloches and Capelets

I think I might have mentioned once that I'm sensitive to cold, therefore not a big fan of the fall and winter season.  However, I do like fall and winter fashion, so I guess there's one good thing to say about cold weather.  Here's to being cute in the cold!  :D

Cloche :: Macy's

Poncho/Capelet :: Kohl's

Jeggings :: Express

Boots :: Rockport

Bag :: Kate Spade

Hope you're all having a great weekend so far! :D



  1. I love your cloche and your poncho/capelet! They really give you that cute look! Unfortunately, it's way too cold where I am to just wear that. :/

    And omg, your handbag is BEAUTIFUL! It looks so classy (and roomy! a plus for me!)! I've checked out Kate Spade products before, but it's so expenssiiive!!! :(

  2. Haha, before I start complaining about cold, I should always think of you. Kate Spade can be expensive, but keep an eye out for good sales. :D You should try Gilt or HauteLook, sometimes they sell Kate Spade for at least 50% off! :D

  3. I just found your blog thru MakeupBee & I am lovin it!! I just gotta follow!! you're so pretty & I love your style! hope to see you around! =)

  4. @Annettee: That's so nice of you to say! Thanks for stopping by blog and for reading! :D

  5. Very cute !!!
    Unlike you I am sick of summer hahaha
    in Brazil we don't have separate seasons so it's summer all year long!!!
    Winter time is like a gift to me =)))
    Loving it here in the UK!!!


  6. Thanks Livia! Haha, the grass is always greener on the other side, yeah? I should visit Brazil! :D