Monday, September 19, 2011

The Smoking Gun: Simple, Sexy, Smokey Gunmetal Eye

I seldom use silvers/grays for eyeshadow, which are pretty standard colors, so I thought I'd do a tutorial for a simple smokey eye.  You'll only need 3 eyeshadow colors and it takes a total of 5-10 minutes to do.  It's really easy, yet high-impact look:

So I start with a primed eye:

Next, I'm going to line my top and bottom lid lines with black pencil eyeliner:

Then I'm going to use the gunmetal shade from my ELF Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette and layer and smoke it over my black eyeliner:

Now, using the silvery gray shade from the palette, I'm going to blend and soften the edges of the gunmetal shadow:

Next, I'm going to darken the outer corners of my top and bottom lid lines with black pencil eyeliner:

Then, using the matte black shadow from the Endless Eyes palette, I'm going to smoke and layer over the black pencil liner in the outer corners of my eyes:

Using black gel/cream eyeliner, I'm going to re-define my top and bottom lid lines:

After adding curling lashes and applying mascara, you can finish here:

I'm going to take it one step further and add some Daiso false eyelashes for more drama:

All done!  Hope you guys found this useful.  Feel free to use any color with this smokey technique.  You don't have to confine yourselves to grey.  This would look pretty in blues, browns, greens, and purples!  Just be sure to have a light, medium, and dark shade and you're all set!

Happy Monday!



  1. looks like fun, i might try this tmrw :o) plus i have falsies now haha..i'm not sure how successful i'll be for my first time, i hear they're hard to put in at first XD

  2. Falsies are a little challenging in the beginning, but they're pretty easy once you get the hang of it and really enhance the eyes! :D