Monday, September 5, 2011

Review: ELF Studio Blush, Lip Stain, and Essential Super Glossy Lip Shine

Hey all!  Remember the ELF shipment I got the other day?  I ordered 2 Studio blushes in Pink Passion and Fuchsia Fusion.  I didn't get around to reviewing the Fuchsia Fusion so I thought I'd do it today.

I'll also do a brief review on some little extras I picked up at Target:

1. Studio Lip Stain in Birthday Suit

So, the Fuchsia Fusion blush isn't really fuchsia at all.  It's a glamorous shade of mauve with little flecks of champagne-colored shimmer which looks really pretty in the compact.  Upon application, however, I didn't see much shimmer on my cheeks.  It's ok, though.  I still got a pretty, flattering flush from it.

The Studio contour brush, however, exceeded my expectations.  It has to be the absolute best shadow brush I've ever used.  I've always had trouble with crease shading because of my asian bone structure. (I have very shallow sockets)  However, I was able to effortlessly create a tidy crease line with shadow using this brush.  Amazing!  I was so happy I ran out to the living room to show my husband, who also thinks it's pretty neat. :)  This is what I did, using the ELF Studio Endless Eyes palette, btw:

Not bad for one of my first few tries, right?

Next up is the Studio Lip Stain in Birthday Suit.  Not sure how anyone got around to naming it that.  I can't imagine anyone's birthday suit being that color unless they happen to be a My Little Pony.  Lol.  Anyway, there's the matte stain on one end of the wand and clear gloss on the other end.  To apply, I began by prepping my lip with nude liner:

I applied the stain over the liner, then brushed the gloss over the stain.  It was really difficult to get an even coat!

I've mostly had hits with ELF products, but this was definitely a miss for me.  Maybe my hands just weren't steady enough, but the stain formula was very thin and watery, making the color uneven and sloppy looking on my lips.  The gloss coat didn't help much.

Yikes!  I love a good pop of color, but I just don't think this color was for me. :(  But it's okay because I had the Essentials Super Glossy Lip Shine in Pink Kiss on me.

In case you're wondering, my nails are Revlon's Scented polish collection in Cotton Candy.
Ah!  Now that's much better!

It's the perfect shade of princess pink.  Not too sticky, plenty of shine, pleasant grape jelly scent, and built-in sunscreen.  All for a whole dollar.  I've got to get these in every color!

Overall look:

I've gotta say, I'm really pleased with the way everything turned out! (minus the lip stain)  I especially can't wait to practice more shading techniques with the contour brush.  Will post tutorial soon!


p.s. Zit Zapper worked great!  I was starting to get a zit on the side of my nose the other day (so annoying!) so I dabbed a little on before going to bed.  As you can see, no zit in sight!  I don't know if it's just a coincidence, but I plan on keeping this stuff on hand for emergencies.


  1. I love this purple eye! Please post a tutorial when you get a chance! And your comment about the My Little Pony birthday suit is hysterical. Keep up the great work on this blog :)

  2. Thanks Ella! Sure thing, I'll try to get that one up next. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. :D