Saturday, September 10, 2011

ELF Lippy Mini Haul

Yay!  Got my latest ELF shipment in!  Only one more to go...last one, I swear!  This time, it was all lip-related products.

1. Studio Lip Lock Pencil
2. Studio Matte Lip Color in Natural
3. Studio Pout Perfecter in Glow
4. Studio Lip Liner & Blending Brush in Nude Pink
5. Studio Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 in Peaceful Pink
6. Essential Hypershine Lipgloss in Honey (free gift with referral)

I guess we'll just go in order from 1-6!  The Lip Lock Pencil is nice, it's just a clear lip pencil that you draw around your lip line before you put product on your lips.  I tried it yesterday and it seemed to do the job, you can't really "see" it in action because it's transparent.  It prevented my lip color from feathering and bleeding through a 12-course dinner at the Ritz. :D

Next up, the Matte Lip Color.  It truly was a matte color, however it was more of a light pink than a "natural" color.  I kind of wish it was a jumbo lip pencil so I can sharpen it periodically.  I like the idea of using it as both a liner and a lip color.

Bare Lips.

Line and fill.

The texture was smooth, the formula was a little on the dry side.  However, I imagine it's difficult to get a true matte color without some drying involved.  If it was moisturizing, I believe it would be at least semi-glossy.

Overall, it looked cool.  I don't know how it would hold up over the course of an entire day.  I might feel compelled to smear gloss over it, which would defeat the purpose of the matte look.

I decided to test the Pout Perfecter by putting some over the Matte Lip Color.  Apparently, the Pout Perfecter is supposed to give your lips the illusion of being more pouty and full, by applying the multi-faceted shimmer to the center of your bottom lip.

The Pout Perfecter is a really pretty, champagne-pink color with lots of chunky sparkles.  But don't mistake it for a gloss!  It's got a super-thick, gluey texture to it.  I imagine you're supposed to use it very sparingly.

I applied some to the center of my bottom lip, as well as some to the center of my top lip:


It definitely does it's job.  I do feel that it gives the effect of fuller lips.  The sensation takes getting used to though, the texture is definitely very thick and tacky.

The last items I tried on was the lip liner and balm combo.  I love the Lip Liner & Blending brush in Nude Pink.  I think that's my favorite shades so far!  The color is as described, nude with a tinge of soft pink.

Line and blend.  Oops!  You can still see remnants of the Pout Perfecter...the stuff is hard to wipe off!

I just applied the Conditioning Balm in Peaceful Pink right over the liner.

 It's a pretty, cheerful pink shade that's borderline Barbie doll, but without being gaudy.

The lighting in this bathroom is a little yellow, so I stood in front of a window for this next photo so you can see the color in natural light:

I didn't really get a chance to try on the Hypershine Gloss in Honey because the golden-tan shade didn't really match with the makeup I was wearing.  It smelled like a Brach's Butterscotch candy though.  I imagine it looks really pretty with brown/gold eye makeup, and bronzed cheeks.  I'll try it out on a golden look at another time.


  1. on the studio matte lip color there is a sharpener at the end

  2. i joined! and we both live in the bay area! u said u like to design jewelry , do u go to school for that? cuz i go to a school where you can major in jewelery that would be cool lmao.

  3. Hi Lacey! Thanks for the tip, lol! I must have been totally out of it not to notice! Yeah, cool that we're neighbors. :D I actually went to school for fashion design years ago, but I learned how to make jewelry from a friend. You can view my collection here: Thanks for checking out the blog and for subscribing, yay! :)

  4. You're totally beautiful! Like usual! I envy youuu!!!

  5. @Jennifer: well gosh, aren't you sweet? you're my official blog bff! :D