Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Daiso and Ichiban Kan Haul: Awesome and affordable beauty supplies!

I'm finally getting over my cold, so I spent the afternoon in San Francisco's Japantown today for some food, fun, and fabulous Japanese beauty supplies that are priced so ridiculously low that they'd give ELF a run for their money.  I picked these goodies up from 2 shops called Daiso and Ichiban Kan:

I'm not going to go over the toe separators because everyone is familiar with those.  I had purchased some from ELF for $1, which were great until I lost them.  Well, these were $1.50...a touch more expensive, but then I didn't have to pay for shipping, lol, so I guess they were a bargain.

This little guy is a first for me:

So according to the cartoon drawing (I'm illiterate in Japanese, so I have no idea what the text says) I assume it's a brush that you're supposed to use to cleanse your face.  I thought that it would be an interesting exfoliating device so I picked one up and now it's hanging in my shower.  Can't wait to try it tomorrow morning!  The bristles feel nice and soft, but firm enough to give me a good scrub.

Next up, lashes!

I used to be super-obsessed with false lashes.  I wore them all the time, even to class at 8am.  Then I became lazy.  Also, my eyes are very sensitive to changes in peripheral vision, so having them on caused a lot of visual irritation.  However, seeing these brought that old obsessive feeling back.  I can probably stand to wear them for a night or two out. :D  If you look closely at the ones on the right, you'll see that they're lightly dusted with glitter.  Fancy!  Oh, and at $1.50 per box (do the math and you'll find that it comes out to a paltry $0.75 a pair) I just couldn't resist!  Is that a bargain or what?!  There was a beauty supply store at the same mall that was selling EACH PAIR for close to $4!  No thanks!

Aren't these cool?  I've always wanted to try these types of lashes.  I'm not sure what they're called, but I love the sweeping, winged look.  These can retail for over $15 depending on the brand.  Now I can see how they look on me for just $1.50!  Yay!

These were the most expensive item I purchased today for a whopping $4.  The other beauty supply store was selling them for $9.  They're shimmering, champagne-colored floral nail decals, some of which have little rhinestones in the center.  They're puffed up a little too, for a freshly painted, 3D effect.  I can't wait to do a post on these!

We finished by having yummy dessert crepes from Belly Good Crepes.  I love how they make cute little animal faces out of whipped cream when they serve them to you.  Cute and delish!


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