Sunday, September 25, 2011

ELF Haul plus Passport Makeup Tutorial

So I got my last ELF haul in a couple of days ago.  Well, it's not the last ELF order ever, just for now.

1. Studio Bronzer in Cool
2. Studio Complete Coverage Concealer in Medium
3. Studio Complexion Perfection
4. Studio Translucent Matifying Powder
5. Studio Eyebrow Kit in Dark
6. Essential Hypershine Gloss in Berry Cherry - Freebie!

Some of these goodies really lend themselves to the tutorial I'll be doing today, neutral and practical "passport" makeup.  You see, I need to renew my driver's license and it's been a long, long time since I l took my last ID photo, so I need to retake it.  As much as I love a bright and colorful face, something tells me that it just wouldn't be a good idea for an image that's going to be used on a legal identification document.  I want to look nice, of course, but I still want to look like myself. Therefore I'm going to create a natural, yet pretty and polished, look that would be perfect for passports, driver's licenses, and other forms of photo identification.

I'm going to start by applying tinted moisturizer to my entire face and concealer to my problem areas.  Then, using my new ELF Studio Complexion Perfection powder, I'm going neutralize the unflattering darkish and reddish areas of my face:

With the ELF Studio Blush brush, I'm going to apply the yellow shade to my under eye areas to neutralize the dark circles:

Next, I'm going to apply some of the green shade to my cheeks and on and around my nose to neutralize the redness:

To finish my foundation, I lightly buff the Studio Translucent Matifying powder over my entire face with the Studio Kabuki brush.  I'm going to skip images for this step because you've all seen it before on previous posts.

Then I'm going to enhance and bring shape to my brows using the Studio Brow Kit in Dark.

I had previously purchased this kit in Medium, but found it to be too light and reddish for my coloring.  To tell you the truth, I wasn't really optimistic about the Dark kit because it looks nearly identical.  However, upon application, I found that it was darker and less red than the Medium kit.  Looks like this one's a keeper!

Ok, on to neutral eye shadow.  As always, I'm going to start with a primed eye:

Next, using my ELF Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette, I'm going to apply a matte latte shade to my entire lid and a matte cream shade as a brow arch highlight.

Then I'm going to darken the outer corner of my upper eyelids with a matte medium brown shade:

To deepen the color a little more, I'm going to also blend a matte espresso shade into the outer corners:

Next, using a dark brown eyeliner pencil, I'm going to line my upper and lower lash lines.  You have the choice of tracing your lid lines exactly, but I'm going to add a little pizazz by "winging" the upper lid liner.  I'm sure the DMV won't mind.

Then, with the same espresso shadow I used to deepen my outer corners, I'm going to layer it right over my pencil eyeliner for a softer look and for staying power.

Curl lashes and apply mascara and I'm done with the eyes.

Very simple and neutral, yet still quite attractive.

Now I'm going to use my Studio Bronzer in Cool to contour my cheeks.

I love how each color in this palette is matte, perfect for creating a naturally smooth and sculpted look!  With the aid of my Studio Complexion brush, I'm going to apply the deepest color, located on the upper right-hand corner, to the hollows of my cheeks.  Then I'm going to highlight apples of my cheeks using the rosy shade located on the lower right-hand corner of the palette.

To finish off my face, I'm going to apply Essential Hypershine Gloss in Honey to my lips.

And to complete my overall passport look, I'll style and arrange my hair the way I most commonly wear it:

Yay!  All ready to head over to the DMV to renew my license and to take my photo identification picture!  Hopefully when I have to do this again in another 10 years or so, I'll still look the same!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!