Thursday, September 1, 2011

Amethyst Ablaze: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion

I don't wear purple often.  I think purple is such a pretty color, but I've yet to find a purple that works for me.  Being primarily of southeast asian descent, I have a medium-tan complexion with very yellow undertones which tend to clash with purples.  Therefore, when I came across Maybelline's Eye Studio Color Explosion palette in Amethyst Ablaze, I fell in love with the vibrant colors, but was skeptical of whether or not they would work for me.  Luckily, my sister wears purple beautifully and purchased the palette, which I borrowed for my little experiment.  I was very pleasantly surprised with the outcome. :)

Amethyst Ablaze comes with 4 shades of purple: a really pale lavender highlight shade, a pinkish purple, a bluish purple, and a deep true purple with the addition of a 5th shadow, which is the "luminizing" topcoat, a super-shimmery, sheer silver shade.

As usual, I start with a primed eye:

I begin by applying a layer of the pinkish purple shade all over my upper eyelid:

Next, I sweep some of the pale lavender shade on my brow bone, highlighting the arch of my brow:

Then I apply the deepest purple shade to the outer corner of my upper eyelid, softly blending towards the center:

I line my bottom lid line with blue pencil liner.  I wish I had a dark purple eyeliner pencil for this part, but I guess blue would do.

I layer the bluish purple shade over the blue eyeliner:

Next, I apply black eyeliner pencil to the outer corners of my upper and lower lid lines:

Then I layer some black shadow over the black eyeliner, blending and smudging as I do so for added drama:

Though we're supposed to layer the luminizing topcoat over our entire eye, I use it very sparingly to increase the highlight under my brow arch.  It's super-over-the-top sparkly.  An allover coat would be overkill, IMO, and would distract from the meticulous blending and shading we've been working on.

I add a winged line with black liquid liner to my top lid line and accent the outer corner of my bottom lid line:

Curl lashes, add mascara and I'm done:

This is actually the first purple eyeshadow look that I've been very pleased with.  I'm thrilled that I've finally found one that works for me!  Wheeeeeeeeee!  Happy first of September!



  1. Thank you for this tutorial! I love it! I will try it as soon as I can, but I'm not sure I will buy the palette. I haven't had very good experience with Maybelline eyeshadow, so I don't want to spend money on it. :/

  2. You're welcome! I don't really buy Maybelline products in general, but this is the first I've had that's been pretty successful. I do agree, however, that at about $10 per palette, it's on the pricey side for drugstore makeup. It's still a cheaper option than paying about $15 per shadow for MAC or Urban Decay, IMO.

  3. These are on sale right now at Walgreens for 6.49.

  4. @Tyisha: Thanks for the tip! I can't wait to try the other colors! :)