Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: Daiso Flared Angled Lashes

So I finally got the chance to review these cool flared lashes from Daiso:

I've never had lashes like these before, so I was really excited to try them out.  They remind me of wings, don't you think?  For a $1.50, they came neatly packaged with a little tube of eyelash glue included.

Since these lashes look so dramatic, I thought it would be fitting to have dramatic makeup as well.  Here are my eyes before application:

I decided not go to with the included lash glue and opted for my own.  My makeup is dark, so I used dark eyelash glue which dries to black, thus blending better with my dark liner.

They look even more intense on than in the box!

These babies are so thick, long, and sweeping that they completely cast a shadow over my eye like an awning.  LOL!

Yep yep, lots of drama!  I definitely wouldn't recommend them for everyday wear.  Maybe more for special occasion or even for costume makeup.  They're on the heavier side, to be expected, and because they're so long, I find that they interfere with my peripheral vision which can be annoying after a long period of time.  Sure are fun though!

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