Friday, March 30, 2012

Styling Side Bangs and Curling Long Layers

I made another video! (wow, we're on a roll!)  I've had about a week to get accustomed to my new haircut, and I think I've nearly perfected how to to style it on my own.  I figured it would be fun to create a tutorial on how I get my hair from fresh-out-of-the-shower to photo-ready! :)

This was also a good opportunity for me to introduce a cool styling tool that I've owned for awhile, but could never find a purpose for until recently: the Conair Hot Air Brush.  I realized that it's perfect for styling my new side-swept bangs.  But enough talk, please check out my video to see how I use it to effortlessly get my bangs looking just the way I want them:

Hope you like!  Thanks for reading/watching and TGIF!