Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dead Sea Premier Instant Stretching & Revitalizing Mask

Yay!  My full-sized jar of Dead Sea Premier Instant Stretching & Revitalizing Mask came in!  For those of you who have no idea what the big deal is, check out my March MyGlam review.  This was a sample that came with my bag that I liked enough to purchase!

I can't believe that it retails on the Dead Sea Premier website for $150 USD!  There's something seriously wrong with that if I can find the same product on Amazon for $23 USD (shipping included).  I think that the manufacturer severely marks up the price on their website.  I don't believe they really make their money off of retail, rather, they wholesale it at dirt-cheap prices to other retailers who generally charge no more than $50 for this product.  You can kind of tell that the packaging is cheap-looking, but pretending to look expensive.  Regardless, I really like the mask itself and I'm so pleased to be able to get it at a fraction of the price!  Here's a product description from the manufacturer:

"This new treatment successfully combats external evidence of marks and wrinkles...the result is fresh and younger-looking skin."

I don't really have any marks or wrinkles yet, but if it's a preventative, that's great!  I just like it because my skin feels sooooooooo soft after I use it and I really enjoy the scent.  Can't wait to get my mask on tonight! :D


  1. What the heck, they sell it for $150 but it's $23 on Amazon? I don't understand that, seems really shady!

    1. Hi Amanda! I tried it last night and it's the exact same product. :D My idea is that it's a rather inexpensive product to begin with that's hyper marked up by the manufacturer. They probably sell it for $10 wholesale to other retailers, who set their own, more reasonable prices. That's where they make their money. I love your hair, btw!