Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Triple Haul: Lime Crime, Sugarpill, and ELF

Guess what?  More goodies in the mail!  I feel so guilty because I'm getting all these little "presents" on a near-daily basis while I should be shopping for holiday gifts. (although I'm nearly done with that, yay!)  Anyways, over Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I ordered a couple lipsticks from Lime Crime, a Sugarpill pressed shadow palette, and a bunch of stuff from ELF.  First up, Lime Crime:

Styletto and Countessa Fluorescent

Yeah!  Can't wait to do a post on pitch-black and hot hot hot pink lippies!  :D

Next, Sugarpill.  I wanted so badly to get both the Sweetheart AND the Burning Heart palette, but they sold out of Burning Heart before the sale even began and they're still sold out now.  Hope they get it back in stock before Christmas because it's on my wish list!

Sweetheart palette

Pardon the yellow lighting *ugh*, but OH MY GOODNESS!  The packaging is so pretty that I want to save it and frame it.  Also, the shadows are much more generous than I expected for a quad palette, these are full-sized eyeshadows!  Totally worth the $$$$!  I'm totally freaking out to try these!

Last but not least, ELF:

:: Eyes ::
Studio Pigment Eyeshadows in  Tropical Teal, Golden Goddess, and Naturally Nude

:: Lips ::
Mineral Lipstick in Natural Nymph, Runway Pink, and Royal Red

:: Face ::

Seriously, I'm in makeup heaven!  I don't even know where to start.  Lol.  Boo that my makeup has been done for the day, but there's always tomorrow!  Anyways, two finals down, one more to go.  Back to hitting the books, although having all this new stuff makes me antsy to play!  Have a great Tuesday night!



  1. Oh I love the lip balms =] I tell everyone to get them.

  2. Haha, cool! I can't wait to try them. My sister saw them and now has balm envy. lol

  3. Wooo! That Sugar Pill palette is very very beautiful!!! I'm going to check out their website right away!

  4. I've been dying to get Sugarpill for a long time and was finally able to bite the bullet with their Black Friday weekend sale!

  5. lime crime, sugar pill... love it all :)