Saturday, December 10, 2011

Simple Smoky Taupe Tutorial

Good morning!  Hope you're all having a fab Saturday so far! :D  I'm especially gleeful because this is my one Saturday morning off work this month and I got to sleep in...woke up about 15 minutes ago, lol.  Anywho, as you all know, I just wrapped up finals and have been spending the last two evenings celebrating.  Despite being on break, I still have work, however, so I didn't have a lot of time to get ready to go out last night.  Therefore I decided to grab my new ELF Studio Pigment Eyeshadow in Naturally Nude, and created a quick and easy smoky look for the evening:

To start, I applied Naturally Nude to my primed upper and lower eyelids:

As  I had with my previous loose shadows, I tossed the included sifter.

Be warned, Naturally Nude is not really nude.  It looks nothing like the swatch shown on the website, actually.  It's more of a deep, shimmery taupe with an antique-gold cast.

I applied it with a medium, flat eyeshadow brush and then blended with my finger to soften the edges.  Next, using black pencil eyeliner, I traced the outer corners of my upper and lower lash lines:

Then I smudged the pencil with my finger to create a smoky effect:

To increase the smoky effect, I layered matte black eyeshadow over the smudged liner:

Using black cream eyeliner, I created a modest wing along my top lash line and traced the outer corner of my bottom lash line:

To wrap it up, I curled my lashes and applied mascara:

I later thought it would be fun to add a little extra glam, so I applied a pair of glittery Daiso false eyelashes:

Makes a difference!  I got a nice compliment about my eyes last night.  That's always a confidence booster!  Hope you all found this tutorial useful and enjoy the rest of your Saturday! :D



  1. Hey Cat! I'm really glad you're showing us another tutorial!

    I practiced a lot and I ALMOST managed to make a nice cat-eye wing... Almost because they are not similar... One of my wing is very weird while the other one is perfect. Damn my uneven eyelids... :(

    The pigment you used is a very beautiful color! I love it!

  2. Hi Jennifer! Good for you! Getting one is better than getting none. To tell you the truth, mine are never really symmetrical either, but nobody notices, haha.

    At first I wasn't sure about the pigment, looking at it from the jar, but once I put it on, I fell in love. I have an office holiday party I'm attending tonight plus a birthday party after that, I'll probably repeat this look again. :)

  3. pretty smoky eye! I hope you get more rest, don't run yourself ragged ;) glad you got to sleep in, feels soooo good doesn't it? man, i'd love to sleep in

  4. Thanks! Oh, it feels so good not to have to wake up to an alarm clock! Wish I could do it more often. :D