Sunday, December 4, 2011

LA Splash BlueFin Glitter Polish

Hey all!  Finally got a chance to try out one of the glitter polishes by LA Splash:

I wish you guys could see how brilliantly this polish sparkles in real life!  I just can't stop looking at my nails. (which is especially dangerous when I'm driving, lol)  Bluefin is a gorgeous shade of teal glitter polish that's absolutely mesmerizing.  Of course, I didn't use it alone.  In the photo, I'm wearing one coat of LA Splash's Bluefin over two coats of Wet N Wild's Fast Dry polish in Teal or No Teal.

I couldn't hold both bottles in one hand with a good shot of my nails, so I took separate photos.  What I SHOULD have done, though, was take a photo of Teal or No Teal alone and then a second photo with Bluefin over it.  DUH!  Sometimes I surprise myself with how ridiculously absent-minded I am.  Teal or No Teal is fine on it's own, a little less opaque than I would have liked and didn't dry as fast as most quick dry polishes do.  However, it makes a perfect base for glitter polish.  What I love about glitter polish is that it's so forgiving.  You don't have to apply it perfectly and all the pretty sparkles cover up your mistakes. :D

I can't wait to try the purple and fuchsia glitters next!  Well, back to studying for finals.  Happy Sunday!



  1. so pretty! teal is my favorite color. i'm wearing a forever21 teal polish right now..with a ton of different colored glitter sponged on top :D


  2. Thanks Grace! Teal is one of my favorite colors too, I just naturally gravitate towards all things teal. Ooooh...I should definitely consider the sponging technique, sounds fab! :D