Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gold Maroon Tutorial

As promised, here is a step-by-step photo tutorial on how to achieve the Gold Maroon look that I posted yesterday!

These are the shadow colors I used to get this look:

Shimmery shades of maroon and charcoal from my ELF Endless Eyes palette

I start with a primed eye.  I'm using Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper by Lime Crime.  I find that the texture of this primer enhances loose pigments better than other primers.

Next, I'm going to apply Golden Goddess to the inner 3/4 of my upper and lower eyelids:

Then, I'm going to apply a shimmery maroon shade from my palette to the outer corners of my upper and lower eyelids:

Using a blending brush, I'm going to blend the area where the two colors meet so that the color transition looks smooth.  I'm also going to use the blending brush to soften the edges of the color and fade it towards my brow bone to create a soft, gradient glow.  

For the next step, I'm going to apply a bit of black pencil liner along the outer corners of my top and bottom lash lines:

Using my little finger (you can use a smudge tool if you'd like) I'm going to smudge and blend the pencil eyeliner:

Then I'm going to use shimmery charcoal eyeshadow from my palette to layer and smoke over the smudged pencil eyeliner:

To complete the look, I'm going to draw a winged line along my top lash line with my LA Splash Glitter Liquid Eyeliner in Onyx as well as the outer corner of my bottom lash line.  I'm also going to curl my lashes and apply mascara.

All set!  I didn't apply false lashes today as I had done in yesterday's post because I felt like my eyes needed a little break from the glue, but if you want to check out how that looks, just click here.

Hope you guys found this useful and happy practicing for those who want to try it out! :D



  1. Absolutely gorgeous! The colours all work beautifully together

  2. Thanks Stef! If I do your eyes, will you do my nails? Lol!

  3. wow I love this! I would definitely try something like this out one day :3

  4. Lovely colours, especially the gold.

  5. @lawren: Thank you! I hope you do, it's easy and looks great! :D

    @Guestbook: I'm so in love with gold right now, I want to wear it every day!

  6. Oh wow! Such a nice look! I will try this look for christmas i think, gold matches my outfit ;)

  7. Yes, definitely try it out! I'm sure this would look awesome on you! :D