Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Bow-rific Afternoon

Yesterday was one of the rare weekdays that my husband and I had the day off together.  We decided to celebrate by having a romantic, waterfront dinner at one of San Francisco's most famous oyster bars, The Hog Island Oyster Company.

Since the weather was sunny and warm (for a change) it was the perfect opportunity to show off my Bow of Beauty wide-brimmed hat from Ruche that I've been dying to wear!  I felt so chic on the promenade with my charming chapeau. :D

Daisy the doggie wants to be a part of the shoot too! LOL!

Billowing Embroidery Top also by Ruche
Handbag by Kate Spade

Nothing beats a great pair of pumps.  These nude velveteen hidden-platform pumps are by a cheap-o company called Qupid.  They cost about $30, but look like a million bucks.  Nude pumps are a must-have for any girl's wardrobe and not only are these pretty, but they're also comfy for the heel height!

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