Thursday, July 21, 2011

Double Product Review: Wet N Wild Mega Liner and Color Icon Blusher

I was at CVS the other day when I noticed that they had an entirely new display of Wet N Wild products.  Being immensely attracted to bright colors, I went in for a look.  I ended up taking these guys home with me that night:

I apologize for the grainy quality of these images, I practically took these in the dark.
I got the Wet N Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner in Turquoise and Wet N Wild Color Icon Blusher in Heather Silk.  Both were an absolute steal at $2.99 each!

The first thing I noticed was the packaging of the eyeliner.  For me, it's the ideal configuration: long handle, fine brush tip.  I feel that this design allows for the most precise application.  As for the blush, I really like the large surface area, perfect for picking up an even amount on my brush.  It is also a pretty shade of bright pink with a hint of warmth, which is just what I've been looking for.

But it's time to put these products to the test.  What kind of quality would I get for the price?  I started with the eyeliner.  Let me just start by saying that on Wet N Wild's product development team, turquoise must be another word for GREEN.  While it's a lovely, bright shade of jade green, there's no hint of blue in this eyeliner.  Even so, it's still a pretty, wearable shade.  I wore it using a "double eyeliner" technique.  I did this by drawing a winged line with black eyeliner, and then stacking the "turquoise" eyeliner on top of the black line.

The color is richly pigmented and the application was smooth and precise.  After 8 hours of wear there was a little smudging, but not noticeably so.  All in all, I'd say that you get more than what you pay for with this eyeliner.

I think I was most pleasantly surprised with the blush.  In general, I've always had good experiences with Wet N Wild liquid liners.  However, I've had less luck with blush.  Unless I pay an arm and a leg for it, most cheap-o drugstore blushes have little pigmentation.  After throwing away two nearly-new drugstore blushes in the last week, I had little faith that Heather Silk would work out. (also a misnomer, by the way.  heather and silk elude to a pale pink, this shade is quite bold)  I needed only a touch of it on my blush brush to bring a healthy flush to my cheeks.

Looking pretty good on the cheap!  I'd say these products are a win/win! :D

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