Thursday, July 14, 2011

Makeup Tutorial: Simple, High Impact Teal Glitter

I totally forgot about my Sephora Doe Eyed felt eyeliner!  It's such a bright shade of teal.  I thought, wouldn't it look great as a base for the teal Sephora Glitter eyeliner that I recently got?  I suddenly had a great idea for a simple, high-impact look using only 2 color products. (plus primer)

As always, I start with a primed eye using UDDP in Eden.

Next, I draw a moderately winged line on my upper lid with the felt eyeliner pen.

Then I accent the liner by tracing glitter liner along the top.

I add mascara for a finished touch and I'm done!

4 steps total for a knockout look.  Seriously folks, this takes less than 3 minutes and because the color is so intense, you really need very little additional makeup to finish your face.  I would recommend a touch of blush and some nude gloss or just balm.  This is the ultimate lazy-glam look!

Oh, and don't feel limited to teal because it's my favorite color.  This would look AWESOME in purple, green, silver, gold, or even fuchsia!  Play around and have fun with it.


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