Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fuchsia Redux

Remember when I said I'd try to wear MAC's Girl About Town more often?  Well, since I've had it, I've worn it out in public about 3 times (including yesterday).  That's not as often as I'd like.  To tell you the truth, I LOVE the way it looks on me, but I feel highly uncomfortable wearing it during the day.  For some reason, I don't mind wearing glittery teal and hot pink eye shadow to work and to school, but get a little shy when I'm wearing bright lipstick.  Weird, right?

Well, I've decided that I'm sick of being uncomfortable about it and I'll wear it until I desensitize myself from the feeling.  Work or school, daytime or night, I think I'm going to challenge myself to wear it every day for the rest of this week.  I wore it today.  Sure, I did get some looks here and there, but really, no one made a big deal about it.  So far, so good! :D

Here's a "moody" (and obviously manipulated) photo of me wearing Girl About Town for the second time in a row.

Taken mid-blowdry.  My, the bangs are getting long!  That's why my eyes are narrowed, actually.  They were pokey.

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