Saturday, July 16, 2011

Juicy Couture Beach Bum Aviator Sunglasses

Wow!  The sun actually came out for a second today, so I decided to rock my Beach Bum aviator sunglasses by Juicy Couture.  The color is called "New Saddle".  I don't know what kind of hoity toity BS that is, but they're basically bronze metal frames with bubblegum pink plastic temples.

The sun may be out, but, at 65 degrees out, I'm still wearing a scarf. 

I experimented with eyeliners to see if I could come up with something interesting.  I used black eyeliner to create the wing.  I traced the black liner with teal liner and then I traced THAT with teal glitter liner.  Then I lined the bottom lid with black pencil liner and layered shimmery teal/gold mineral shadow over that.

It doesn't appear too different from what I've been doing lately, but I guess the black creates kind of a dark, mysterious effect.

Here are the products I used:

Well, I guess I'm going to run out and enjoy what little of the sun there's left.  Happy Saturday!!!

MAC Lipstick in Girl About Town


  1. Heh, it's hard to choose. You look good, with or without sunglasses. Your lips also became more prominent because of the lipstick. It's a nice look for ya!

    -Brain Ferguson

  2. Thanks for the compliment! :D