Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oxford Comma

I got my first pair of oxford heels in from Ruche the other day and couldn't wait to wear them!  Well, the sun came out today and it was just warm enough to wear a skirt so I could show them off.

Ankle socks: Urban Outfitters
Of course, being the northern bay area, it was still a little chilly so I had to layer a cardigan over my lacy tank and argyle skirt.

Purse: Ruche
Tank and Cardigan: Hollister
Skirt: Yes Style

I finished off the look with Tweet Lovebirds on a Rose Branch necklace.  Isn't it adorable?

Wore my fun outfit to a late lunch today with the fam bam. :D  Hope everyone else is having a happy Sunday as well.



  1. Omg those shoes!

    The necklace!

    Ahh! :D

  2. Arent they great?! The shoes come in size 5 too if you're interested. :D