Monday, March 31, 2014

Divergent Makeup Series: Erudite

Hey, guys! So, you know that Divergent is a film out in theatres right now. I haven't seen it, but I was curious about it because many people compared the story to the Hunger Games series, which I've read and enjoyed. I decided to check out the Divergent series by reading it, first. I'm not sure whether or not I'll see the film.  I've gotten through the first book. It's not bad. I'm waiting for the other two to come in from Amazon before I have an opinion on the entire series. Anyhoo, back to makeup. The population in the Divergent series is divided into 5 factions. This inspired me to do a makeup series based on each faction. It's only for fun and it's my own, personal creative interpretation. I don't think there's much of a deeper meaning in my looks other than tying in the correct color to the correct faction. :P For the first in the series, I chose to do Erudite.

The primary color that represents Erudite is blue. Therefore I did a smoked out eye with a soft wing and added a pop of blue in the center. Interpret the smoke any way you wish…maybe manipulation or deception. (hope I'm not giving too much away)


  1. apply Ulta Eye Crayon in Black Tie to inner and outer corners of lid
  2. layer matte black eyeshadow (I used Black Dog from UD's Black Palette) over pencil eyeliner
  3. apply Sephora automatic eyeliner pencil in Blue to center of lid
  4. layer Sugarpill eyeshadow in Velocity over blue eyeliner in center of lid
  5. blend blue-black shadow (I used Sabbath from UD's Black Palette) into crease
  6. use more matte black shadow to create a soft, wing shape on the outer corners
  7. line lower lash line with Black Tie
  8. set lower liner with blue-black eyeshadow (Sabbath)
To finish the look, curl lashes, apply mascara, and apply Ardell Wispies eyelashes.

Hope you guys enjoyed today's Divergent eyeshadow tutorial. I'll concentrate on bringing tutorials of the other factions in the coming week or so. I'm so excited to do them all! (I'm such a book nerd.)


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